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The Skogsmulle Kingdom on Billingen

Exciting and accessible destination for all the family

Visit Skogsmulle and his friends around Lake Åsbotorpsjön, at the Skogsmulle Kingdom on Billingen. Peek into the houses and explore the surroundings. This is an exciting and accessible destination for all the family.

Skogsmulle and his friends

The Skogsmulle Kingdom is a great place to discover and learn more about nature. As you walk along an accessible path around Lake Åsbotorpsjön, you can look into the houses where Skogsmulle, Fjällfina, Nova and Laxe live. Maybe you’ll even catch a glimpse of the Billinge Troll near his cave? 

Activities in the houses

Skogsmulle’s den

Guess the poo. Which animal did it?
Read the story of Skogsmulle

Fjällfina’s den

Outside the den is Fjällfina’s nature play area, where you can play and test your motor skills and balance.
Inside the den, you can see things from the mountains, such as a reindeer pelt, the Northern Lights and reindeer antlers.

The Billinge Troll’s cave

Listen to and read the story of the Billinge Troll, and sit on his troll throne.
Find out more about bird life at Billingen. 

Nova’s spaceship

See the stars through the large window, and try out Nova’s control panel. Learn about scrap iron and train to become an astronaut.

Laxe’s beaver hide

See animal life in the lake through windows in the floor. 

The houses are open every day between 08:00 and 20:00.

Photographer: Gustaf Elias

The Skogsmulle Kingdom app

Outdoor life meets the digital world. Meet Skogsmulle and his friends in 3D, in an app that has been specially developed for the Skogsmulle Kingdom on Billingen. The app (‘Skogsmulleriket på Billingen’) allows you to follow Skogsmulle on his adventures in the Skogsmulle Kingdom around Lake Åsbotorpsjön. 

There are signs and scanning symbols along the path around the lake. Scan the symbols and listen to the character who appears. This is a fun adventure with Skogsmulle and his friends for all ages. 

The app is adapted for children aged 3-12 and people with functional variations. Using image symbols from Widgit Go, a tool for communication, language development and cognitive support, the app can also be used by non-Swedish speakers who use the image symbols to understand. Under the app settings, you can turn the audio, text and Widgit symbols on and off. 

The app can be downloaded from Google Play and the AppStore.


Accessibility and integration 

The Skogsmulle Kingdom on Billingen was financed by the Swedish Inheritance Fund and local financial backers. This part of a major investment in nature and outdoor life at Billingen for children and young people with and without functional variations, and from foreign backgrounds.

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