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Photographer: Anders Jonsson

Car-less islands to long for

The islands in the Bohuslän archipelago each have their unique character. In the past, the islanders led a tough life, at times isolated and surrounded by the sea, which both provided and took away. Today, these car-free islands offer respite and natural experiences, easily accessible year-round by regular ferries.

Between the mainland on the Kungälv side and Tjörn, there are many unique islands accessible year-round, thanks to regular transportation that connects residents and necessities between the small island communities. Annika Kristensson has been living on Dyrön for 22 years, enjoys the island life, operates a small accommodation in the middle of the island, and works as a captain, guide, and host on Gunnar's boat tours.

"For just over 30 SEK one way, you can enjoy a fantastic scenic adventures all year round"

The company operates routes including Rörtången-Älgön throughout the year, with its base at the southern harbor of Dyrön.

– At these islands, Västtrafik's regular prices and payment methods apply, and for just over 30 kronor one way, you can enjoy a fantastic nature experience all year round. At Lövön, you'll be transported back 50 years with the traditional stone walls and natural landscapes, Brattön offers the highest vantage point in Bohuslän for breathtaking views, and Älgön offers a beautiful hiking trail. So, pack your picnic basket and head out for a nature adventure all year round, encourages Annika with a smile.

On certain days, the journey continues to Hättan, Risön, and Dyrön, but in private arrangements.

During the summer, there are even more possibilities, more frequent trips, and access to additional locations on Tjörn, as well as Orust. – During this time, there are also trips departing from Rökan and Marstrand, heading to destinations like Dyrön, Åstol, and Rönnäng.

So, you don't need your own boat for a grand and memorable experience along the coastline. Just step on board and enjoy the seascape, whether it's spring, summer, autumn, or winter.

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Off the coast of Orust, you'll find KÄRINGÖN, situated far out in the open sea. The magnificent views on the west side overlooking the North Sea and Måseskär contrast with the cozy cluster of wooden houses and the footpaths around the island. Along the same ferry line, you can also reach GULLHOLMEN, one of the oldest fishing villages in Bohuslän, populated since the 13th century, with much of its typical architecture still intact. The island comes to life in the summer, but year-round activities continue with a shop, church, library, and cinema.

HÄRÖN, just off Kyrkesund, is only a five-minute boat ride away, with Tjörn's smallest ferry accommodating a maximum of twelve passengers. A fantastic hiking trail crosses the island's nature reserve.

LILLA BRATTÖN, off Stenungsund, is a cozy summer island with easy access to bathing spots. It's only in service during the summer. The island is owned by SKF, but everyone is welcome to visit, and it boasts 79 cabins.

Tjörn's gems, DYRÖN AND ÅSTOL, are lively neighbors with distinct characters. Dyrön is larger, with mouflon sheep in the mountains, hiking trails, and a sauna. Åstol, on the other hand, is a rugged cliff island where houses cling tightly to the mountain. Just as exposed as Åstol's outer side faces Marstrand's fjord, its U-shaped harbor is equally sheltered.



FERRIES, TICKETS, AND BICYCLES ON BOARD The ferries depart from ferry terminals accessible by bus that connects with the ferry schedules. Parking is available nearby.

GULLHOLMEN & KÄRINGÖN, line 381, operate every day all year round. Depart from Tuvesvik, taking ten minutes to Gullholmen and 45 minutes to Käringön. Västtrafik's account loading. You can bring a bicycle for 30 SEK (however, there is a bicycle ban on Käringön).

ÅSTOL & DYRÖN (northern harbor), line 361, operate every day all year round. Depart from Rönnäng's pier, taking about fifteen minutes to Åstol and twenty minutes to Dyrön's northern harbor. Västtrafik's account loading or purchase a single ticket on board. There is a ticket machine at the ferry terminal in Rönnäng. You can bring a bicycle for 30 SEK.

HÄRÖN, line 362, operate every day all year round. Depart from Kyrkesund. Tjörn's smallest ferry, with a maximum of twelve passengers. It takes five minutes to cross the strait. Västtrafik's account loading. Härön is a small island with limited cycling opportunities. The parking lot is about a ten-minute walk from the ferry, so arrive in good time.

LILLA BRATTÖN, available only during the summer. Departs from Almön. Operated by M/S Granita in private ownership. For more information and the current timetable, visit www.granita.se

More information about Västtrafik's routes: www.vasttrafik.se