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Biking in south Bohuslän

Rent a bike

Filling your lungs with oxygen and discovering nature from the saddle is a fast-growing urge that South Bohuslän can meet – and then some.

Biking in Bohuslän

Bohuslän is the perfect holiday destination if you enjoy discovering the world from a saddle and two wheels. And you can of course combine active cycling days with comfortable overnight stays and fine...


Tjörn is the ideal cycling island for the whole family, with its picturesque roads and the sea never far away. Green cycling signs guide you along the cycle...

Island hopping with a bicycle

You can pedal quickly and easily by bike along winding coastal roads and find your own bathing spot by the sea. Enjoy a pause, then continue your journey of...

The Right of Public Access

Sweden’s unique Allemansrätten (The Right of Public Access) gives us the freedom to roam just about anywhere in the countryside as long as we do not disturb or...