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Hiking in south Bohuslän

Photographer: Anders Jonsson

Svartedalen and the Bohus trail

Svartedalen's nature and recreation area is one of West Sweden's largest contiguous coniferous forest areas. The bedrock landscape is rich in lakes and is dominated by coniferous forest. The area is associated with a variety of outdoor activities such as fishing, hiking, swimming, mushroom and berry picking, orientation etc. The popular Bohusleden (Bohus Trail) runs through Svartedalen.

Marstrand hiking trails

Walk around Marstrand island where the oceans meet and history thrives. Marstrand island offers magnificent nature experience via a hiking trail along the water, with several interesting detours for those who want to explore more.

Härmanö and Gullholmen

Härmanö is one of the larger nature reserves in Bohuslän, boasting a rich nature and multiple hiking trails. It offers trails for both less and more experienced...

Experience nature i Bohuslän

Hiking in Bohuslän is for everyone and it offers a fantastic nature. Take a hiking trip to an island in the archipelago!

Family-friendly hikes

It's fun to enjoy nature with children. Here are some of the hiking trails we recommend as fun to explore with the kids. Depending on the children’s ages and...

The right of Public Access in Sweden

Thanks to the Right of Public Access (Allemansrätten) anyone is entitled to roam freely, camp and forage in Swedish nature. But you need to treat flora, fauna and people’s property with respect.

Hike the coast as calm sets in

The month of September has quietly arrived as late-summer calm has settled across Bohuslän. This is the best time to discover all the fantastic hiking trails...

Island hiking package

The Dyrö Path takes you one round of the lovely island of Dyrön (4.5 kilometres). Despite its modest size, the island has a dramatic landscape. Discover the...

The Right of Public Access

Sweden’s unique Allemansrätten (The Right of Public Access) gives us the freedom to roam just about anywhere in the countryside as long as we do not disturb or...