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Take a shot at fishing fortune

Southern Bohuslän offers fantastic opportunities for recreational fishing. The coastal fishing for sea trout is widely known, and during the summer months, large schools of mackerel enter the fjords and can be caught both from the shore and from a boat. Further out at sea, deep-sea fishing provides everything from cod and pollock to ling and other exciting deep-sea species. There are also several lakes that offer excellent fishing for pike, perch, and zander.

The fjord areas in southern Bohuslän offer an incredibly beautiful and diverse fishing environment, ranging from rushing tidal currents to shallow sandy coves and wave-battered rocky shores. April 1st marks the sea trout season's opening and is eagerly anticipated by many anglers. Shallow-water sea trout fishing with sporadic vegetation is an extraordinary experience. If you're lucky, you'll hit the jackpot and fish during the mayfly hatches when food is abundant. The silver-bright sea trout quickly become fat and strong after the cold winter months.



When summer kicks in and the water warms up in June, it's a good time to target larger sea trout along swift cliff edges and points. Mackerel also start to arrive, hunting sprats and small fish along rocky shores and near the piers. If you don't have your own boat, you can rent a guide or join a charter boat to try your luck with some mackerel jigs. You can also effectively fish for both mackerel and sea trout directly from the shore using spinning or fly fishing gear.


At Björns Fiske och Jakt in Stenungsund, you can get assistance with information on the best fishing opportunities at the moment and what you need for a successful fishing trip. The store staff also have insights into great fishing spots and which fishing permits are required if you want to fish in freshwater. In the sea, all hand tackle fishing is allowed.

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Need accommodation? There are several types of lodging in the area within walking distance of great fishing spots. Accommodations popular among sport fishermen include Hotell Solliden, Salt & Sill, Stenungsbaden Yacht Club, Malö camping, as well as Hafstens Resort & Camping.


Here, you can buy fishing equipment or book a fishing trip with the following providers:

Anders Båt
Phone: +46 76 820 44 20
Email: info@andersbat.se
Website: andersbat.se

AskArd Hav & Land
Phone: +46 702 555705
Email: info@askard.se
Website: askard.se

Website: fjordguiderna.se

Hajen Fiskecharter, Åstol
Phone: +46 703 70 52 06
Email: info@hajen-fiskecharter.se
Website: hajen-fiskecharter.se

Halla's Båt & Fiske
Phone: +46 725 85 27 41
Email: inger@hallafiske.se
Website: hallafiske.se

Tjörns Skärgårdsturer
Phone: +46 733 411855
Email: info@skargardsturer.se
Website: skargardsturer.se

Wild Fish Sweden, Orust
Phone: +46 70 63 10 444
Email: jonas@edgeflyfishing.com
Website: wildfishsweden.se

Mareblå & Havsguiderna
Phone: +46 706 24 90 17
Email: lennart@mareblahavsguiderna.se
Website: mareblahavsguiderna.se

Björns Fiske och Jakt
They provide fishing permits, tips, and information about fishing spots, baits, fishing regulations, closed seasons, and fishing equipment.
Address: Strandvägen 14, Stenungsund
Phone: +46 303 843 40
Website: www.bjornsfiskeojakt.se