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  • Photographer: Benny Ottosson / OttossonPhoto.com

  • Photographer: Robert Dahlberg Foto Akaregatan 4 45772 Grebbestad 0703017979

Grebys Fisk- & skaldjursrestaurang

Fresh shellfish at the Grebbestad jetty.

Classic restaurant with focus on local produce

At Grebys fish & shellfish restaurant the selection of local produce is in focus. With its location on the Grebbestad jetty it is hard to come across fresher shellfish, which they get delivered from Hamburgsund or Grebbestad. Their meat and vegetables are also delivered from the local farmers in the area. Grebbestad brewery is located next to the restaurant and their range of products is available for you when you eat at the restaurant. Even the staff outfits are from a local store, Pickles in Grebbestad.

Food made with love

Everything is cooked from scratch and is made with love. Even though it’s mainly a fish- and shellfish restaurant, they also serve the best quality meat for those who don't eat seafood. The raw material comes from the local farmers. The head chef is Richard Karlsson, founder of Västkustkockarna, who takes the food experience to a new level in an inspiring way.

Traditional building with many possibilities

Grebys used to be a cannery that has been rebuilt a few times, and has now turned into a bright and beautiful restaurant with a lot of preserved history. Inside the restaurant you can find old photographs from the time it was used as a cannery, love letters written by Evert Taube to Siv on Otterön etc. The staff is happy to tell you more about Grebys and Grebbestads history! Sebastian, the owner of Grebys, built the new part called Böstebar. In the bar you can enjoy live music and good food. The venue is also perfect for events such as weddings, markets, exhibitions, fashion shows etc.

Contact information

Grebys Fisk- & Skaldjursrestaurang

Strandvägen 1

45772 Grebbestad

Phone: +46 525 14000

E-mail: bokning@grebys.se

Website: grebys.se/