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Linmuseet (Linen Museum)

Unique linen museum outside of Fjällbacka

In this museum you will find the world’s strongest textile fibre – the linen. It is a fun and informative place for the entire family, where you will witness flax processing and learn about the history of linen.

Experience, participate, and learn more about linen

Do you want to brake flax, scotch, comb flax and use a spindle wheel like the one in The Sleeping Beauty?

Did you know that humans have grown flax for 30 000 years? We have been growing, harvesting and weaving linen for 2000 years in the Nordic countries. At Linmuseet you will find young and older guides who will tell you about the magical linen that our ancestors used to work with. The guides will tell you about how the linen is prepared before it is used. It’s a great experience for all visitors.

Visit us to learn about the world’s strongest textile fibre – the linen. It is a fun and informative place for the entire family. The museum will show you flax processing and tell you about the history of linen. One part of the museum will demonstrate flax processing with old traditional tools. They also have Sweden’s only processing machine from the 50s. Make sure you take your chance to see how they brake, scotch, and comb the flax before it is woven into linen, which you get to try to do yourself!

You can also purchase different linen products, textiles, flaxseed, flaxseed oil, and hand-woven cleaning cloths.

About Linmuseet

The people behind Linmuseet are passionate and dedicated to tell the truth about the organic and healthy linen. They are big fans of the quality of linen and how it keeps warm in the winter and cool in the summer. There is a small museum store with designed quality products made from linen, retro linen items, tunics designed by Eva Dahlberg and homespun and knitted washcloths by local craftsmen. 

The flax grows on fields in Fjällbacka. To see a field full of flax blooming is one of the prettiest sights you can experience.

Linmuseet is located 1 km north of Kville, towards Fjällbacka. You will see signs on the way.

Practical information

Opening hours

July – August: Thursday – Sunday 12am – 4pm

Other opening hours can be arranged upon request.

Café and store.

Busses are welcome.

Accessible for wheelchairs but there is no accessible toilet.

Contact person: Agneta Ekman Wingate

Address: Kamstorp, 457 42 Fjällbacka

Phone: 0046 (0)523 51600, 0046 (0)738 005 097

Email: info@bohuslin.se

Website: www.bohuslin.se

Contact information

Föreningen Bohuslin


45742 Fjällbacka

Phone: +46 702019846

E-mail: linmuseet@gmail.com

Website: bohuslin.se