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Welcome to a store dedicated to local craft and artwork at Nedre Långgatan 37 in Grebbestad.

This is Lockfågeln

In January 1985, Lockfågeln at Nedre Långgatan 37 in Grebbestad opened up. Originally it was a weaving venue with very modest sales of their own products as well as products from other local woodworkers and craftsmen.

In the first few years, some looms were taken out of the store in order to make space for the products intended for sale. After some time, the venue was filled with more artwork and crafts and was discovered by more and more people. All the looms were eventually taken out of the store.

The person behind the name Lockfågeln is Lasse Larsson, who used to carve many lockfåglar (decoybirds) throughout the years. Member have come and gone and the store has changed throughout the years. The purpose has always been to have great design, high quality and a large selection. Today they have over 50 suppliers.

The store is open all year round. Welcome!

Contact information


Nedre Långgatan 37

45772 Grebbestad

Phone: +46 525 10132

E-mail: info@lockfageln.se

Website: lockfageln.se/