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Scen på Bönn

The beautiful quarry which functions as a live arena for music, entertainment and theatre.

In an old quarry just outside of Hamburgsund you will find Scen på Bônn - a unique arena and outdoor stage for music, entertainment and theatre.

A meeting place all year round

The association "Scen på Bônn" is responsible for the operation since spring 2010 and their purpose is to fill the outdoor venue with events and activities and for it to be a meeting place all year round, especially in the summer months. Over the last few years Scen på Bônn has hosted events with guests such as Haaks, Jill Johnson, Ebbot, Sven-Ingvars, Nationalteatern, Echoes - a Tribute to Pink Floyd, Swedish hits, Children's theatre, sing-a-long, folk music, Tonerna de Gå, spring and summer parties, Oktoberfest etc. The hilltop, the forest in the background, and the granite boulders create a magical place that fascinates many visitors.

Contact information

Föreningen Scen på Bönn

Scen på Bönn

45747 Hamburgsund

E-mail: info@scenpabonn.se

Website: scenpabonn.se/