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Selin Charter

Seal-spotting trips, mackerel fishing and lobster catching off the Bohuslän coast. Do them all on the good ship M/S Sara, arranged by Selin Charter.

Seal spotting trips on M/S SARA

Welcome onboard the M/S Sara ship as we head for the Kosterhavet national park. The skipper knows where the seals and seal pups are bobbing among the waves or lolling around on rocky outcrops. 

Boat trip to Alaska

No, not that Alaska. The Alaska they'll take you to on this trip is on the island of Nord Långö off the coast.
‘Alaska’ is a unique garden concepted by a Swedish lady named Hilma who went to Alaska in the 1890s in search of gold. Her travels in the US inspired her to create this stone garden of terraces, towers, temples and pavilions. 

Mackerel fishing

Join on a three-hour mackerel fishing trip or charter the boat for you and your party.


Lobster catching in october

Come on a trip to catch some delicious West Coast lobster. Get together with family and friends and helps out to pull up the lobster pots. The day ends munching on fresh prawns straight off the fishing boat and if you are lucky enough to catch a lobster you get to keep it, cook it and devour it back at your hotel. 



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