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Enjoy Coffee and Pastries in a 19th Century Setting in a Lush Environment

When you visit Kaffestugan, you can indulge in coffee and pastries in a well-preserved blacksmith cottage from the 19th century, located along the Tidan River on the beautiful island called Turbinhusön. If you prefer outdoor seating, you'll find a spacious terrace surrounded by lush nature alongside the babbling water. Kaffestugan is a popular destination for coffee enthusiasts during the spring, summer, and autumn months.

Coffee in a 19th Century Setting

Kaffestugan is a centrally located summer café set in lush surroundings along the Tidan River on the island called Turbinhusön. The café is open from April to September. The building itself dates back to the 19th century and is furnished in a period-appropriate style. Here, you can choose to enjoy your coffee and pastries indoors in the 19th-century blacksmith cottage or outdoors on the spacious and lovely terrace, which is set on different levels alongside the babbling water. Kaffestugan offers a wide range of ice cream as well as waffles, buns, cookies, and coffee.

Pastries from Turbinen Tidaholm

All the pastries served at Kaffestugan are baked at Turbinen Tidaholm, located on the other side of the Tidan River. Everything is made from scratch using locally sourced ingredients.

Blacksmith Cottages on Turbinhusön

Turbinhusön features blacksmith cottages and worker residences furnished in the style of the late 18th century. These historic blacksmith cottages, which give the island its unique character, were moved to their current location on Turbinhusön in the 1940s. This relocation preserved the old cottages for future generations as they were considered part of Tidaholm's historical heritage.
The southernmost blacksmith cottage is Kaffestugan, which was inaugurated as a café in 1968.

Turbinhusön Island

Turbinhusön is surrounded by the Tidan River and is one of the town's major attractions thanks to its lush environment. Kaffestugan is part of the cottage environment that defines the character of Turbinhusön. During the summer months, several of the cottages, as well as "Turbinhuset" (the old turbine house), which has been converted into an art gallery, host various activities and events.

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522 33 Tidaholm

Phone: +46 502 130 80

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Website: turbinentidaholm.se