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The Blacksmith Cottages on Turbinhusön

Old worker's housing from the 18th century

On Turbinhusön in Tidaholm, you can find three well-preserved blacksmith cottages from the late 18th century. Originally, they served as housing for blacksmiths working at Tidaholm ironworks. These houses were moved from Smedjegatan to Turbinhusön in the 1940s.

18th-century Blacksmith Cottages

The charming blacksmith cottages located on Turbinhusön date back to the late 18th century, and several of them are authentically furnished according to the era. Originally, these cottages were home to blacksmiths working at Tidaholm ironworks. During the summer, you can enter the cottages and see what life was like inside. One of the cottages even houses a café.


Museismedstugan is a single cottage with environments set up from the turn of the 18th century. One part of the cottage portrays a modest home, while the other part depicts a more affluent one. Everything, from wallpapers to large pieces of furniture, is period-accurate, and the interior is arranged just as it would have been at that time. Religious images and pictures of the royal family adorned the walls. The rooms were also decorated with various ornaments.

The General Store known as Handelsboden

The General Store known as Handelsboden is a double cottage, where two families each had their own room and shared the kitchen located in the middle. During the summer, this double cottage is used for selling crafts and artisanal products.

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