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Childrens Uddevalla

Do you go on holiday accompanied by children? If so, there is a number of exciting activities and trips suitable for children of all ages right around Uddevalla. Here you can find a selection of what Uddevalla has to offer...

A large and popular playground exists in Badhusparken for children with energy and vigour. Just next to it is Hamnkafét, a café that is open in the summer and serves copious amounts of coffee and ice cream! A few steps away is the Uddevalla Guest Harbour with its fantastic array of majestic ships and barges. Here you can hop onto one of the Uddevalla Excursion Boats and go on a cruise to some of the islets and skerries in Uddevalla's beautiful inner archipelago. The boats can take you to several of Uddevalla's many beaches where you can fully relish Bohuslän's summer. Take advantage of the opportunity to try out crab fishing the way we do it in Bohuslän – all you need is a clothes peg, a length of cord and a bucket!

Meet even more animals at Emaus Farm where you can get to know micro pigs, ducks, rabbits and cats up close. You might even be daring enough to go for a ride on one of the ponies. Everyone is welcome here all year round and all the activities are free of charge. The wide, open spaces offer plenty of room for running and playing. Bring along your picnic basket or something to grill to one of our barbecue and coffee spots. If you’re lucky you might get to see a large moose in the vicinity too! The Moose af Anneröd moose park is situated north of Uddevalla and accommodates moose in their natural environment. In addition to watching moose, you can also have a meal and a coffee in the garden and pick up some souvenirs in the gift shop.

If the weather is a bit too grey and sulky, you can visit the Bohuslän Museum in the middle of Uddevalla's city centre, which is within close proximity of shops and cosy cafés. Here you can see child-friendly exhibitions about Bohuslän's history, wildlife and nature. There is also a popular playroom with, among other things, a steamship that toots its horn before departure. Let your children's fantasies have free rein before giving them a chance to recharge their batteries again at the pleasant Kajkanten restaurant that is just a stone's throw away.

For those of you who just cannot get enough of laughter and play, there is Stellas Lekland in Kuröd, Uddevalla. Here the children can play safely to their heart’s content with everything from dives into ball pools to bold negotiations of dizzying suspension bridges! 

There is nothing that tastes more of summer than strawberries, and don't they taste great if you pick them yourself? Skafteröds Gård in Ljungskile is a pick-and-park farm where you can gather up the most delicious strawberries during the summer season. Ljungskile is also home to children's absolute favourite – namely the large ice cream café right next to Laxbutiken where soft scoop ice cream is available in just about any flavour. The counter of ice cream toppings with its jams, sprinkles, meringues, sweets and whipped cream is just as popular. Mmm! 

At Bokenäset in Uddevalla, we find the Hafstens Swecamp Resort, which offers a number of different activities, from a child-friendly sandy beach, to a sauna, crazy golf, a water slide and canoeing. The Hafstens Swecamp Resort is also a perfect place to stay when you travel with your family!

Uddevalla has many challenges in store for families that enjoy competitions. For example, you can play crazy golf on a challenging course at Skeppsviken near the city centre. Once the game is over, you can take a dip in the sea via the neighbouring beach or enjoy a refreshing ice cream from the nearby booth. If you want to test your strength in a pentathlon Lane Loge is a must. Here you can play football, golf, race wheelbarrows or wooden horses, or try out the ultimate challenge of stacking tyres or sawing logs whilst making the most of the green expanses and endless family games! And if you’re a speed demon, then the Glimmingen Motor Stadium is the place for you. Here you can drive a go-kart and go round and round as many times as you like on one of Sweden's largest and most fun-filled racetracks. Book in advance or just drop in whenever you can! The minimum height for children is 125cm. 

And for people who like the beach, Uddevalla offers sun-warmed cliffs, sand between the toes and endless sunbathing! Why not enjoy a plunge in the city on the way home from shopping or a dip in the evening with a beautiful sunset in the background? What type of a beachgoer are you? There are so many beaches to choose from in Uddevalla. The choice is yours...

Childrens Uddevalla