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    Welcome to Uddevalla

    Uddevalla is an amazing place, the heart of Bohuslän and the province’s largest city. It’s extremely easy to have an enjoyable time here. With Uddevalla as a base, you can hike, bike or paddle in our beautiful countryside, or pay a visit to one of the many charming fishing communities along the Bohuslän coast.

    Photographer: Lars-Gunnar Hallsten

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    Ljungskile - a part of Uddevalla

    Photographer: Peter Muld

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    Bokenäset - a part of Uddevalla

    Photographer: Sandra Hansson

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    Experience Uddevalla by boat

    The three beautiful archipelago boats of our eet operate in our beautiful Bohuslän coastal landscape, with regular daytime and evening cruises from May through September. An archipelago cruise with one of our boats is a memory to cherish.

    Photographer: www.skargardsbatarna.com

Experience Uddevalla with us!

Welcome to Uddevalla. We have much to tell you and many destinations to show during your visit. We say that Uddevalla is the heart of Bohuslän, not only because it is the largest city but also geographically our location are unique and we can offer the best of Bohuslän. Here you will find a vibrant city with salt sea at walking distance, hiking trails that take you to majestic views you rarely seen and a wide range of activities all year round. Let us inspire you to experience Uddevalla - the heart of Bohuslän.

Summer in Uddevalla

Uddevalla is a well-kept secret surrounded by a unique landscape of the archipelago outside and fjords closest to the city. Here there are many beautiful places to visit, with a unique location by the sea in the middle of Bohuslän, it's easy to feel comfortable in Uddevalla - the heart of Bohuslän!

Food experiences

No matter whether you are in Uddevalla on a long vacation, a weekend trip, or just passing through, there is every reason to stop and take the opportunity to eat a bite or two while you are here. The city offers food expereiences of all kinds - from typical regional cuisine, the freshest fish and seafood dishes, to more globally-oriented food adventures at one of the city's many restaurants. One thing that you really need to set aside the time for when visiting our city is a proper snack - something traditional like a coffee and cinnamon bun, or perhaps a trendy and healt-inspired one, with green tea and raw pastry...

Ljungskile - a part of Uddevalla

Ljungskile has a past as bathing and spa resort. The climate, as it was expressed back in the day, was balmy. It was the mixture of the coniferous forest and sea air, along with the protected location, that was unique. And even if the heyday of spa resort belongs to a bygone era, one cannot but agree that there is something special about Ljungskile.

Bokenäset - a part of Uddevalla

Dark green beech forests and a coniferous fragrance, a cultural landscape with ancient monuments and blue-grey cliffs at the fjord’s edge – Bokenäset is Bohuslän in a nutshell. Explore the traces of times gone by while enjoying nature’s dramatic variability, or treat yourself to a moment of well-deserved relaxation at the edge of the shore. Bokenäset offers both contrasts as well as harmony.