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Photographer: Sandra Hansson

Bokenäset - a part of Uddevalla

Dark green beech forests and a coniferous fragrance, a cultural landscape with ancient monuments and blue-grey cliffs at the fjord’s edge – Bokenäset is Bohuslän in a nutshell. Explore the traces of times gone by while enjoying nature’s dramatic variability, or treat yourself to a moment of well-deserved relaxation at the edge of the shore. Bokenäset offers both contrasts as well as harmony.

Local folklore tells that it was just from Havsten cliff – which from 119 metres above sea level there is a sheer drop into Havstensfjord – Odin sent his ravens Hugin and Munin on a reconnaissance mission. Whatever the truth of this story, the cliff is well worth a visit – to stand at the top, with the wind in your hair and the sun on your face, is like balm for the soul.

Below – at the Hafsten SweCamp Resort – you can feel pampered with spa treatments and a whirlpool, or rent a kayak or canoe. You can book riding tours or pedal with a pedal boat, soak in a hot tub or ride down the waterslide. The Hafsten Resort offers camping and cabins, a pub, restaurants and a variety of activities. During the summer months, troubadour evenings are offered during the evening out on the open-air restaurant.

How about experiencing Bokenäset on foot or from the saddle of a bicycle? There are hiking trails and bike paths around the area. Maybe choose to take a trip to Bokenäs Old Church – a medieval granite church dating from the 1100s, a vestibule from the 1600s and preserved details from the 1700s, both internally and externally. One of Bohuslän’s best preserved medieval churches, well worth a visit.

Are you ready for shopping with rural charm? Then you are in for a treat when you visit Två Fröknars lovely home decor shop, where Eva-Lena and Lillemor have filled a warehouse with the absolute latest in interior decoration fittings. And while you are there, check out the homemade snacks being served in its cosy café.

The Boat Museum at Bassholmen boasts a beautiful collection of allmogebåtar – traditional peasantry boats, and during the summer months, visitors are treated to all sorts of activities in the surroundings. Bassholmen is worth a visit in and of itself. It is situated in a location that is protected from the sea but surrounded by flowing water. With lovely environments for gentle hikes and bird-watching, it is a very popular destination in the region. During the summer months, Skärgårdsbåtarna organises daily cruises to Bassholmen. The tours depart from the centre of Uddevalla.

No matter what part of Bokenäset you choose to visit, you are close to the sea and to nature. There are experiences for all the senses here – a gem in the middle of Bohuslän.