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Hike in Bokenäset

Bohuslän in a nutshell. The peninsula offers contrasts and harmony with dark green beech and coniferous forests always close to blue-gray cliffs and beaches.



Walk among grazing horses.

Halfway out on Bokenäset is this real gem! On Kalvön you can both experience a lot of cultural history and enjoy the island's beautiful and tranquil nature. There are a lot of paths around the island that can be explored, but it is difficult to get lost as the sea is constantly present.

Along the paths on the island there are many nice rock baths, but you can also find your own more secluded bathing spots. The West Coast Foundation, which manages the reserve, has put up many signs informing about the island's history and they have also marked up the paths to make the orientation easier. So pack a backpack with coffee and take a day trip to Kalvön!

The paths on the island can be walked as a circular loop, but there is only one way in and out of the island. From the car park to the crossroads on the island it is about 1.2 km, the red loop is 2.3 km and the blue loop is 3.2 km. In total, it will be about 8 km if you walk both loops.

The island is quite hilly and the paths are quite narrow, so it can be a bit difficult to get there. The majority of the paths are on forest paths, but rocks, gravel and ridges occur. On the island, horses graze that are not allowed to be fed.

Family at Vänga Mosse




Borders the water areas Nordströmmarna with rich flora and rich bird life.

Welcome to Kärlingesund! The nature reserve is located on the westernmost part of the Bokenäs peninsula and meets the visitor with an attractive and varied landscape with high-lying mountains, deep valleys and beach meadows.

The area that is kept open with grazing animals is characteristic of the agricultural landscape in the area.

The natural pastures are located in the valley depressions and are lined with lush green deciduous forest areas. Randlövskogen consists largely of oak, but you will also find plenty of beech. Elm, ash, elm and hazel grow around the smaller brook ravines.

Kärlingesund is part of the extensive beach area that surrounds the shallow and bird-rich waters between Bokenäset, Skaftölandet and Flatön. The water area is part of the marine biologically interesting Nordströmmarna.

Kärlingesund can be reached by car from the road between Uddevalla and Fiskebäckskil.


nature reserve



Spectacular views 119 meters above sea level.

Havstensklippan is 119 meters above sea level and offers a spectacular view with Uddevalla in the east and the outer archipelago in the west. Here you can see Havstensfjorden, Nordströmmarna and Gullmarsfjorden.

Bokenäset is Bohuslän in a nutshell. The peninsula offers both contrasts and harmony. Here are dark green beech and coniferous forests with nice hiking trails, and you are always close to the blue-gray cliffs and beaches that are framed by Havstensfjorden, Nordströmmarna and Gullmarsfjorden.

Havstensklippan, which is 119 meters above sea level, offers a spectacular view with Uddevalla in the east and the outer archipelago in the west. Did you know that Oden chose Havstensklippan as a residence for his ravens Hugin and Munin to collect news about the world? It may seem a wise choice, because something exciting always happens here at Bokenäset.


Hiking trails



Beautiful ravine with rich forest.

The Svartedalen nature reserve comprises an impressive brook ravine about 1.5 km northwest of Bokenäs church. The ravine slope west of the brook consists largely of pasture and above this is an approximately 50-100 wide belt of beech forest. Several of the beech trees are of impressive size.

The deciduous forest environment in the ravine has a rich bird life with, among other things, cat owls, cubs, crows, wood pigeons, ospreys, mimics and tadpoles.

In the spring you will find white anemones, spring onions, golden powder and desm bud in the reserve and in summer there are ostriches, spring barley, stink bugs and hazelnuts. The Svartedalen nature reserve was established in 1969 and is approximately 15 hectares in size.

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