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Hollanders Ice cream

Delicious artisan ice cream, gelato and sorbet

Hollander’s ice cream comes from a small-scale producer who makes gourmet ice cream from scratch. The owner, Joachim Hollander, strives to use organic ingredients as much as possible and his ice cream has won several prestigious awards.

Locally produced Italian-style ice cream

Hollander’s artisan ice cream is produced on a small-scale, using the market’s best raw materials and as many locally produced and organic ingredients as possible. Much of the inspiration comes from Japan and the Amalfi Coast of southern Italy – you can almost see the sunbeams in each scoop.


The ice cream creator Joachim Hollander is environmentally aware and produces ice cream to customers’ preferences, with pre-orders during certain parts of the year to encourage zero waste.
Hollander’s summer gelateria contains a number of unique flavours of freshly turned gelato, ice cream and sorbet, always with at least one vegan alternative.

Award-winning flavours

Hollander’s ice cream was given the Slow Food award, alongside several other awards for gourmet flavours including silver and bronze medals in the Swedish Championships in Artisan Food. The jury proclaimed: “A unique taste, a real signature ice cream that makes you crave for more. Fantastic that ice cream can taste as good as this”.

Photographer: Hollanders Glass

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