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Stanna hemma om du är sjuk, tvätta händerna ofta, håll avstånd och undvik att resa kollektivt. Tillsammans bromsar vi smittspridningen av covid-19.

For the latest updates regarding the corona virus (COVID-19), read the information put together by The Public Health Agency of Sweden  

  • Photographer: Severin Winkler

HELP with your car, boat or bike

Problems with the car, boat, bike or the caravan? Here you will find contact information for workshops and other companies that can help you.


Mekonomen - Shop and workshop
Fågelmyrsgatan 2, Åmål
Phone: +46(0)532-155 68
Mån-fre: 07.00-18.00
Lör: 10.00-14.00

Dalslandsmotor - Shop and workshop
Vänersborgsvägen 45, Åmål
Phone: +46(0)532- 122 75

Axelsons bil - workshop
Axelssons Motor AB
Vagnmakaregatan 7
662 34 ÅMÅL
Phone: +46(0)532-153 00

Electric Car?
You can charge your electric car on the square in central Åmål. There are two parking spaces reserved for electric cars.


Marin och Fritid
Gamla Örnäsgatan 9, Åmål
Phone: +46(0)532-10015

Gamla Örnäsgatan. 13, Åmål
Phone: +46(0)532-10200


Gas for boat, motorhome and caravan can be found at Dalslands Motor and our manned gas stations. During office hours, Dalsland Motor delivers gas to you, so you do not have to go and pick it up.

Manned Gas Stations

Åmåls Petroleum
Karlstadvägen 36, Åmål
Phone: +46(0)532-102 52

Cirkle K
In Tösse on the road E45
Phone: +46(0)532-200 95


MAK:S cykel - Shop and workshop
Strandgatan 5, Åmål
Phone: +46(0)532-13387