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Parking disc

Parking in Åmål is free but don´t forget to use a parking disc.

In central Åmål you are allowed to park only for 1- 2 hours and you need to use a parking disc. In the bigger parking lots just outside the city centre there are 24-hour parking and here you don't need a parking disc.

Not using a parking disc may result in parking fines. Any kind of parking disc is applicable. If you don't have a parking disc already, you are welcome to pick one up for free from one of the following places:

  • Municipality Office in Norrtull, Kyrkogatan 2
  • The reception in Stadshuset (Town Hall), Kungsgatan 26
  • The library, Kungsgatan 20
  • Visit Åmål Tourist Information, Hamngatan 3 
  • Åmål bookstore, Mellanbrogatan 1


Contact information

Åmåls Kommun

Kungsgatan 26

66222 Åmål

Phone: +46 053217000

E-mail: kommun@amal.se

Website: amal.se