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Photographer: Emma Augustsson

Ängebytjärnet FVO

Put & take game fishing in Lake Ängebytjärnet

Welcome to Ängebytjärnet - Åmåls own game fishing water. A very nice fishing ground where the whole family can enjoy the beautiful scenery and the accessible fishing during most of the year. This small lake is popular and is open for fishing all year around.

Welcome to Ängebytjärn


Ängebytjärnet is located outside the city of Åmål near route 164 between Bengtsfors and Åmål.  Ängebytjärnet is a lake that applies “Put and take” and new fish is added a number of times during a year.

Lakes included in the FVO: Ängebytjärnet

Fish species: Rainbow trout, brown trout and char.


Fishing card Adult: 150 SEK/person for 24 hours

Fishing card Junior: (10-16) 75 SEK/person for 24 hours

Fishing card Children: Free in company with an adult.

Fishing card float ring: 200 SEK/person for 24 hours

ATTENTION! From May 1, 2024, we will switch from a 24-hour license to a daily license - so a fishing license is valid for one calendar day, not 24 hours from the time you bought it.

Where to buy a fishing license

  • Åmål Tourist Office – Hamngatan 3, Åmål, Phone: +46(0)532-17098

You can also buy a fishing license online at www.ifiske.se or you can download the Ifiske-app in your phone and buy your fishing license with the app.

Fishing rules

  • Fishing licenses must be purchased before fishing begins
  • The card is valid for a maximum of 24 hours
  • You are only allowed one card per person (you can´t buy two cards and fish with two fishing rods) 
  • Fishing licenses must be worn visibly
  • Permitted gears are fly- and spin rods, one per person
  • The fishing shall be conducted from the shore or pier (unless you are using a float ring or the lake is frozen)
  • The card is valid only if the date and time is stated
  • The card is personal and for one person only
  • Fishing with bait and powerbait is not allowed (exception if the lake is frozen)
  • Maximum catch: 3 fish / permit
  • Maximum 3 hooks / rod rope 
  • Landed fish may not be returned (if deal is not made otherwise)
  •  Fishing license and digital fishing license shall upon request be presented to the supervisor
  • Children (0-10 years old) are allowed to fish with rod and live bait* in adult company. * Live bait refers to worm and maggot.

Violation of these rules is considered illegal fishing, which may result in a control fee of 1 500 SEK. Fishing without a valid fishing license is a breach of law and are subsequently reported to the police. The supervisor is entitled to seize equipment in case of delict or suspicion of attempted delict.

Float tube (belly boat)

In Ängebytjärnet is it allowed to use a float tube under the whole season, with open water. Float tube fishers must show consideration to fishers on land, and fisher on land has always precedence in front of fishers in a float tube.  Fishers with float tube shall keep distance to fishers on land, so they do not prevent each other.

Our definition is that it will be shaped as a “traditional float tube” and that you paddle with your feet. If the float tube is carried out with a weir, then it is considered as a boat and is not allowed. Private boats are also not allowed in the area.

Additional information

  • You can make a fire if there is no danger of fire spreading. The responsibility that no fire spreads is yours. Please use the prepared campfire sites and extinguishing the fire thoroughly when finished. During the dry summer months there is a ban on fires. Call +46(0)53217400 for information.
  • Remember not to leave any litter and not to disturb other people and animals.
  • Wheelchair accessible fishing pier is available.
  • During the winter any form of ice angling is allowed. Be aware of the thickness of the ice during the winter. Bring ice claws.
Contact information

Åmåls Kommun

Hamngatan 3

66231 Åmål

Phone: +46 053217098

E-mail: turism@amal.se

Website: dalsland.com/amal