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Photographer: Gaby Karlsson Hain

Stora and Lilla Bräcke nature reserve

Large variety of trees and flowers

The nature reserve comprises about 60 hectares and was opened in 2016. It became Åmål's first municipal nature reserve. You are welcome to hike along the paths and in the terrain and experience the diversity of trees and flowers found here.

Hiking Trails

There are two trails in the area, both starting from Furusjön camping. One trail goes through Stora Bräcke and another through Lilla Bräcke. Information about the trails can be found on the information board at the camping. The trails are well marked.

The old oak tree

The big oak tree at the parking lot tells us that the Bräcke forests have a long history. A single old oak tree like this can be a habitat for hundreds of species. The old oak has been protected since the 1960s and in 2016 the tree got company in its protection when the forest around it also got protected.

Old cultural environments

During the farm Lilla Bräckes history, the old-fashioned agricultural created a sanctuary for flowers, insects, mushrooms and birds.When this type of farm work was abandoned in the 1900s, it threatened both to plant and animal life as well as the old cultural environments.What is left today is some of the most artistic habitats in Sweden. Therefore, certain parts of the reserve will be cleared and then be managed by grazing livestock.

Contact information

Åmåls Kommun

Lilla Bräcke 210

66297 Ånimskog

Phone: +46 053217000

E-mail: kommun@amal.se

Website: amal.se