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Photographer: Sofia Magnusson


Fishing competition in Lake Askesjö

Fishing fun and ambition
  • Registration takes place at the "slakthuset" in Nybacka, Torrskog at 10: 30-12: 00.
  • Drive from Bengtsfors towards Lennartsfors, signs from Barkerud.
  • At the competition a "top knot" fishing route is used with a worm!
  • Start at 12:30, fishing for about 2 hours.
  • Sales of sausage and drinking after the competition, around 14:30.
  • Nice price table and prices for all children.


Askesjös Fishing area

Sport fishing in Lake Askesjö is always an adventure. It is perfect for a number of species due to the unusual shape created by several fault fissures. As there are almost no open spaces, you are never far from land wherever you anchor.

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