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Photographer: Christiane DIetz

Askesjös Fishing area

Always an adventure.

Sport fishing in Lake Askesjö is always an adventure. It is perfect for a number of species due to the unusual shape created by several fault fissures. As there are almost no open spaces, you are never far from land wherever you anchor.

Lake Askesjö fishing district is located in the northern part of Bengtsfors community. An exciting fishing conservation area offering opportunities for solo expeditions. Narrow sounds, many coves and a magnificent setting shape not only an angler’s dream, but also a paradise for fish.

  • Omfattning: Askesjö, Hedvattnet, Ygnesjö, Megsjö, Husetjärn and Udderudstjärn.
  • Area: 384 ha.
  • Fish species: Perch, pike, roach and vendace.

You can buy a fishing license here

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  • Day 50 kr
  • Week 100 kr
  • Year/family 200 kr
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