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Photographer: Christiane Dietz

Råvarp Fishing area

Varied lake with lots of pike and perch.

Lake Råvarp is part of the Dalsland Canal lake system. It stretches from the power station in Dals Långed south to Buterud in its southern end. The water flow can be rather strong in northern part, especially in spring and autumn. The lake empties to the south at Buterud.

Lake Råvarpen is a well-stocked, interesting lake with varied surroundings and a lovely nature. There are many perch and pike, as well as a smaller stock of large trout. Fishing here calls for a motorboat. Spin for pike and perch is both effective and fun. If you want larger pike, trolling is an excellent and popular method that can even bring in some trout as a bonus. Fishing for perch is best from mid-May through early September, while spin fishing for pike is best between mid-Aprils through too late in October. Trolling for large, pelagic pike is usually best from June to early October. There are some interesting shallows and a few grounds around the lake, which can offer good fishing. The periodic currents in these sounds draw many species looking for food. To the north at Tisselskog the shore meets agricultural land, but the rest of the shoreline is for the most part rocky and forested. There is one large island named Bockön and app. 6-8 smaller islet and skerries in the lake.

  • Omfattning: 680 ha 
  • Area: Råvarp
  • Fish species: Pike, perch, eel, burbot, vendace, whitefish, trout, bream, tench.
  • The limit is 2 rods/licence on a regular fishing licence, 4 on a trolling licence.
  • You may not enter cultivated land, nor trespass on private lots or fenced areas. 
  • There is no fee for youths under 16 years. 
  • In addition general fishing rules are in force, as well as rules regarding no fishing in all creeks and brooks in the FVO area.
  • Gaff fishing is forbidden.
  • Boat ramp: Dals Långed, boat harbour 58°54'53.14"N / 12°19'5.60"O; Smaller boats can also be launched at Högsbyns Fritidscenter after checking with the camp owner. 58°53'48.84"N / 12°22'18.27"O.

You can buy a fishing license here

Tourist Office Bengtsfors: +46(0)531-52 635 5
Shop Handlarn Dals-Långed: Tel. +46 (0)531-400 41
Anders Lindeberg, Högsbyn: Tel. +46 (0)46 531 430 88

Anders Lennartsson, Flaterud: Tel. +46 (0)46 531 411 93
Camping Högsbyns Fritidscenter: Tel. +46 (0)531-430 40

You can also buy fishing cards online via the "BOOK" button below.


  • Day: 50 SEK
  • Week: 100 SEK
  • Year: 250 SEK
  • Family year: 300 SEK
  • Trolling day: 100 SEK
  • Children under 16 years fish for free.
Contact information


666 30 Bengtsfors

Phone: +46 531 52 63 55

E-mail: turist@bengtsfors.se

Website: ravarp.se