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Campervan by Lake Hornborga

Photographer: Visit Hornborgasjön

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Welcome with your motorhome to Hornborgasjön, where nature meets culture. Explore charming farm shops and historical landmarks. Enjoy impressive birdwatching and create memories for life here in the heart of Sweden. We look forward to sharing the place we call home. Please follow our recommendations to help us preserve and care for this scenic area. Welcome to our home! Greetings from the municipalities of Skara, Falköping, and Skövde, which together form Visit Hornborgasjön.

Help preserve a unique environment!

Lake Hornborga, is a place of natural beauty and biological diversity. As a visitor, you have the privilege of experiencing all of this, but you must also treat the environment with care. By following our code of conduct, you help preserve this unique environment.

Shop local

Please shop from locals when you are here. By visiting markets, shops and restaurants that are owned or run by locals, you support the communities around Lake Hornborga, while also making your stay more memorable.

Waste separation during holiday

Waste separation is just as important on holiday as it is at home. Find the nearest recycling station or take your waste home with you.

Use parking spaces

Please park your camper van in a dedicated space. This helps support the local economy, while also preserving the environment and having a pleasant stay.

 Show consideration for locals and other visitors

It helps create an enjoyable experience for everyone. Take care of the place the place as if you lived here yourself.

Visit Hornborgasjön

Hornborgasjön is beautiful to visit all year round. Discover more places to visit, activities, restaurants and cafes in the area around Hornborgasjön!


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