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  • The Pilgrim Trail

    Falköping - Hornborgasjön - Varnhem

    Hike at Horborgasjön

The Pilgrim trail

The route through this cultural heritage area is dominated by the magnificent views from the table mountains. The monastery ruins in Varnhem and Gudhem are two historically visitor destinations.

Be a friend to nature!

Welcome to enjoy the beautiful natural landscape of Sweden! Thanks to the Right of Public Access, we can all enjoy the lovely things that nature has to offer. This is a wonderful opportunity – but it brings a lot of responsibility. A general rule when you spend time in nature is that you must not disturb or destroy. This is why you should take any rubbish or leftover food home, keep your dog on a leash, and avoid causing fires.

Moose hunting

From October 8 to January 31, moose hunting takes place in the forests in our area. Remember to pay attention to any signs of hunting going on and please stick to the trail. Wear colorful clothes.

St Olof's Church Falköping

The oldest parts of St Olof’s Church are made of limestone and date back to at least the early 12th century.


This is an area with plenty of opportunities for recreational pursuits, including swimming, camping, skiing and running.


A unique exhibition´The Framer's Year´with wax dolls. Restaurant and a coffee shop are available next to the exhibition.


The Cistercian nunnery in Gudhem was founded in the 12th century. The remains of the abbey contain the 13th century grave of Queen Katarina.


Ekornavallen has been a burial site for 5000 years. There are graves from the Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages, including four passage graves.

Löfwings Ateljé - Art studio

At Löfwings Art studio you can see nature inspired paintings by Göran Löfwing. Löfwings also have B & B, a restaurant and a café.

Lake Hornborga

Lake Hornborgasjön One of Sweden’s most important bird lakes. Best known for the huge number of cranes during spring.


The mountain of Billingen offers a varied landscape, largely made up of woodland, but with a few openings with breathtaking views of the surrounding area.

Varnhem monastery church

Varnhem In around 1150, Abbot Henrik and his Cistercian monks arrived in Varnhem. This was when the work to build the abbey began.

Kata gård

Behind the monastery ruins lies the remains of what may have been Sweden’s oldest church.