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Photographer: Christina Jonsson, Fingerprint

Be a friend to nature!

Welcome to enjoy the beautiful natural landscape of Sweden! Thanks to the Right of Public Access, we can all enjoy the lovely things that nature has to offer. This is a wonderful opportunity – but it brings a lot of responsibility.


When you walk along the Pilgrim Trail, please remember what you are allowed and not allowed to do. This is mostly about being considerate – both to the nature, animals, and landowners. Think of it as being invited to the home of a new friend!

A general rule when you spend time in nature is that you must not disturb or destroy. This is why you should take any rubbish or leftover food home, keep your dog on a leash, and avoid causing fires. Fire bans may apply at certain times of the year – at these times you must not light a fire anywhere. You must also remember to shut gates behind you, and take care not to frighten any grazing livestock. And please note – you must take extra care in nature reserves.

If we all behave responsibly, we can continue to enjoy the freedom granted under the Right of Public Access. Enjoy your walk!

More information about your rights and responsibilities in the wonderful Swedish nature are available on www.allemansratten.se

A movie about the Right of Public Access by Visit Sweden.