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Booking terms and conditions

These terms and conditions apply between Destination Läckö Kinnekulle AB, hereafter referred to as DLK and the Visitor, who personally or through a third party, makes an agreement with DLK as specified in the confirmation. The agreement can be in regard to accommodation, purchase of products and services, or a combination of these.


Who is responsible?
The responsible agent and package organiser is DLK, Nya stadens torg, Gamla Rådhuset, 531 31 Lidköping.

When is the booking binding?
The booking is binding for DLK as well as for the Visitor, as soon as DLK confirms the booking and the Visitor has made the booking payment in full.

Minimum booking age
To book/enter an agreement with DLK, one must be at least 18 years of age. In the case of a multiple booking, at least two people must be 18 years of age or over, if a higher age limit is not specified in the reservation information. ID will be checked on arrival. Compliance with the age limit is a condition for access to the accommodation.

When should payment be made?

  • Booking reservation by phone is to be paid within 30 days before arrival with credit card or by bank transfer.
  • Booking reservation online is to be paid at the time of booking by credit card.

If the Visitor hasn’t paid the reservation on time, ONE reminder is sent requesting the balance. The booking is cancelled if DLK does not receive the balance by the due date on the reminder. If the Visitor does not pay the balance on time, this is regarded as a cancellation, in which case the cancellation rules apply.

Visitors can cancel either verbally or in writing by contacting DLK on telephone number +46(0)510-200 20 or by e-mail: info@lackokinnekulle.se. Please note that the cancellation is not valid until the Visitor has received a written confirmation from DLK.

Changes in the booking
If subsequent changes are possible to parts of the booking, they will be subject to an amendment fee of 150 Swedish kronor per change per booking. N.B. Amendments to arrival or departure date are considered as cancellations. Not applicable to the extension of an existing booking.

Cancellation insurance
Visitors can insure themselves against the cost of cancellation by purchasing a cancellation insurance. With cancellation insurance, the Visitor can in some cases cancel up to the day before arrival, cancellations later than this are subject to full payment. The cancellation insurance is only valid for cancellation on grounds of serious illness, accident or death suffered by the Visitor or near relative/dependent. This must be supported by a medical certificate submitted to DLK within 10 days of the cancellation. The cost of cancellation insurance, amendment fees and booking fees will not be reimbursed.

Cancellation insurance for Packages
Cancellation insurance at 300 Swedish kronor per booking can only be taken out at the time of booking. Cancellation insurance is valid only on the presentation of a medical certificate, which must be submitted to DLK within10 days of the cancellation. The cost of cancellation insurance, amendment fees and booking fees will not be reimbursed.

NOTE! For reservations of 10 persons or more, there are special rules regarding cancellation insurance. Contact DLK for information, tel. 0510-200 20.

Cancellation rules
(If cancellation insurance is not taken or is not applicable). On booking a combination of product categories, the most rigorous cancellation rules are always those that apply.

NOTE! For reservations of 10 persons or more, there are special cancellation rules. Contact DLK for information tel. 0510-200 20.

  •  With regard to activity packages, events or tickets

Cancellation 2 – 0 days prior to arrival: 100% of booking price 
N.B. On cancellation of activities, events or tickets the booked activity, event or tickets will not be reimbursed.

N.B. Cancellation through the Tourism Office must be done within normal opening hours.
The cost of cancellation insurance, amendment fees and booking fees will not be reimbursed.

Conditions for transfer of package
The Visitor may, if prevented from using the booking, transfer the agreement to another party who can make use of the booking, but must then bear any additional costs. When the agreement is transferred, both the transferor and the transferee are jointly and severally liable to the organiser for the subsequent agreement.

Booking fee
The booking fee is an additional 50 Swedish kronor per booking via telephone.

If something goes wrong
If the whole or a part of a booking cannot be delivered in accordance with the booking confirmation and if no alternative arrangements can be offered (such as those that do not differ significantly from what was booked e.g., hotels or cottages in the same class), the Visitor has the right to cancel. The Visitor is then reimbursed payments made, reduced by the value of those parts of the booking that may have already been used, as well as the cancellation insurance, amendment fees and booking fees. If the Visitor has complaints, they must be addressed to DLK within three days of arrival. Problems that occur during the stay must be reported immediately, initially to e.g., the hotel or cottage caretaker. If the Visitor fails to seek redress during the rental period and thus does not give the hotel/caretaker the opportunity to rectify the possible problem, the Visitor may not later seek alternative arrangements. If the Visitor is still not satisfied with the compensation/alternative arrangements, this should be notified in writing within 30 days of departure. If an agreement is not reached the Visitor may then address themselves to Allmänna Reklamationsnämnden (Board of Consumer Complaints). This comprises an impartial chairperson and representatives from travel agencies and consumers. The Board’s address is: Box 174, 101 23 Stockholm.

As the organiser, DLK is required to ensure that:

  • The Visitor receives a written confirmation on booking.
  • The Visitor receives documents and other information in good time.
  • Services purchased comply with descriptions. DLK is not responsible for promises that the owner or the contact person makes directly to the Visitor without DLK’s knowledge or that DLK has not been made aware of. (If the Visitor comes to an arrangement on something that is not covered by the agreement with the organiser, they must ensure it is in writing and signed by the owner or contact person).
  • The Visitor is informed of all essential changes that affect the booking.
  • If the Visitor is not pleased with all or part of the booking, they must address the matter to DLK.

What responsibilities does the Visitor have?

  • The Visitor is responsible for personally checking the booking confirmation as soon as it is received. Any errors must be addressed immediately. Commitments, which are of essential importance to the Visitor, made by the reservation staff during the manual processing, must be noted in the itineraries in order to be invoked.
  • The Visitor is responsible for control and acquisition of travel insurance via their home insurance or insurance companies.
  • The Visitor must comply with the regulations, instructions and provisions applicable to the room/cottage/apartment etc. The Visitor is personally responsible for any damage to the property and its contents through the negligence of the Visitor or a member of his/her party. The Visitor may not use the room/cottage/apartment etc., for any purpose other than that agreed at booking (usually recreational purposes) and the Visitor may not permit more people to spend the night in the room/cottage/apartment or on the premises, than those mentioned when booking. The names of all members of the party must be given at the time of booking, DLK accepts a maximum of one child under 2 years of age, not occupying their own bed, if not otherwise stated.
  • If the Visitor has a complaint about the premises, the Visitor must first contact the hotel so that any problems may be resolved during your stay.
  • The Visitor must mention at the time of booking, whether the Visitor suffers from any type of allergy, so that DLK as the agent, has the opportunity to find the right facility.
  • DLK reserve their rights regarding legislative changes or price changes that lie outwith their control.

The Personal Information Act
By making payment the Visitor agrees that personal information may be used by DLK. The purpose of this is to facilitate the normal guest administration, to ensure that DLK has access to reliable personal documentation in the event of an accident, to comply with the conditions of cancellation insurance as well as management and treatment of any injuries. The data may also be used to distribute information on insurance and payment services as well as travel-related deals. In the case of on-line bookings, customers receive by e-mail their confirmation and a follow-up questionnaire after departure. Guest’s opinions and answers are of great help to us. As a guest, the Visitor can at any time choose to say no to mail-shots and unsubscribe to news letters, this should be done in writing to DLK.

Force Majeure
In the case where an agreed item is not provided due to an occurrence outwith the control of the organiser that the organiser could not have foreseen where the agreement is terminated and the consequences could not reasonably have been avoided or overcome, the organiser is free from liability for damages or other penalties. The same also applies if the agreed item is cancelled due to someone hired by the organiser now or at a previous time. We reserve our rights with regard to legislative changes and price changes beyond our control.