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Photographer: Carolina Mann

Västerplana storäng

Beautiful nature reserve

The beautiful nature reserve on Kinnekulle’s layers of sandstone plunges almost vertically down to the shore of Lake Vänern. The area has several small streams that wind their way from east to west before forming impressive waterfalls as they reach the cliff edge that plummets down to the lake 30 metres below. From the top there are far-reaching views across Kinneviken with Kålland and Läckö Slott visible as well as the islands Fågelöarna closest to the shore. In some places there are gaps where you can clamber down a gentler sandstone slope to the shoreline.

Trees and plants

The most common species of tree is oak but many other broadleaf trees are also dotted through the nature reserve. In the spring, the ground is covered with wood anemones, yellow anemones, and Corydalis intermedia, and in early summer wild garlic blooms, spreading its scent across the whole area. Giant oaks are mainly found in the overgrown area with several endangered species of fungi, mosses and lichens. The slope down to Lake Vänern is wooded with deciduous trees and ivy.

In ancient times the area between Västerplana and Vänern was all used for haymaking, as described in Linnaeus’ journey through Västergötland in 1746. Today only a small section of this land is still down to grass, and can give a little idea of what Linnaeus experienced.


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