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Photographer: Kajsa Kax

Welcome to Dals Rostock

Dals Rostock is an old health resort with a very exceptional and interesting history. Today it is a cozy little village just outside Mellerud, with great nature and a lot of culture and history.

Back in the old days Dals Rosotck was all about health and care. With Rostock’s Spa, Kroppefjäll’s sanatorium and large plantations with medicinal plants for pharmacists. The history lives on in Dals Rostock and you can explore some traces of its history. 

The herb garden 

There are still a great herb garden in Dals Rostock, with many medicinal plants and flowers. With beatuiful surroundings. A botanist could spend hours here. You can also book a guided tour with Kerstin Ljungqvist, who created the garden.

Kerstin Ljungqvists studio

Kerstin is a is a remarkable person. She is both an expert on medicinal plants and a distinguished artist. Visit her beautiful studio, full of arts and crafts inspired by the plant kingdom.

The museum

In the summer you can visit the museum in the park. Here, an old pharmacy is displayed as it looked a hundred years ago. You can also learn more about how people thought about health and wellness in the past. Sandwiches and waffles are also served in the small café at the museum.

The very small train station

A station house stood in Dals Rostock from 1908 to 1941. In 2000, the locals decided to rebuild it, albeit on half the scale. Head inside and feel like a giant in the tiny rooms. The entrance key can be borrowed from Byxfickans grocery shop for SEK 30. The shop is nearby and open every day at 10.00 –19.00. A guided tour can be organised.

Dr Saedén’s walk

Dr Carl Viktor Saedén, chief physician at Kroppefjälls Sanatorium, created a unique environment around the sanatorium where he cared for patients with lung disease in the early 20th century. In harmony with the magic of nature, he had monuments and small facilities built in an Old Norse style. He called all this “our park”. You too can walk the 2,7 km trail. 

Kroppefjäll Wilderness 

Hike at Kroppefjäll. The Kroppefjäll trail is over 50 km long, but there is also shorter trails in the area. You can buy a hiking map from Kroppefjäll B&B. 

Kroppefjäll B&B

A very nice B&B, popular among hikers and dog owners. Sleep in a warm bed, cook dinner over an open fire and enjoy the nature. 

Other places to visit in Dals Rostock

  • Inez Vintage -  Beautiful vintage- and secondhand shop in the oldes house in Dals Rostock
  • Antikvariat Stockrosen - A cozy antique shop with fine books.
  • Tant Vanjas textile museum - From plant to fabric and see how the patterns have changed over the course of history.
  • Bertil Larssons garden - A beautiful world in one garden at Brunnsvägen 68. Want to see the garden? Book a viewing. Tel: +46 (0)70 58 10 526
  • Rostock ceramics  - Lena Bergsman is a ceramicist and artist and likes to knit. Visit her shop! 
  • Sommaraffären - Shop with retro, antique and much more. Is open during the summer.
  • Bellas loppis - Fleee market and second hand.