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Walk at Kroppefjäll

Photographer: Jonas Ingman

Hiking in Mellerud

In Mellerud you will find a lot of great hiking areas and trails. Here you will find a list of our favourit trails, with maps and a lot of information.

Kroppefjäll Wildernes area

Dals Rostock
Southern Sweden's Largest Wilderness Area. The area is southern Sweden's largest nature area with over 100 km of hiking trails, 12 nature reserves and 23,000 hectares of forest and lakes. Kroppefjäll's wilderness area offers a varied experience for all nature lovers and hiking enthusiasts.

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Kroppefjäll trail 

Dals Rostock - Högsäter
Length: 54 km
Type of trail: Straight
The 54 kilometre long Kroppefjäll Trail is must for anyone looking for real adventure in deep green forests. Goes from Dals Rostock up on Kroppefjäll where it becomes a long circular walk. It’s divided into two stages.

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Karl XII väg

Dals Rostock
Length: 15 km
Type of trail: Straight
A well-known and popular hiking trail across Kroppefjäll. Extends from the croft in Forsebol, about 6 km south of Dals Rostock, across Kroppefjäll to Järbo church on the west side.

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The Pilgrim trail

Vänersborg - Edsleskog
Length: 100 km
Type of trail: Straight
The Pilgrim Trail in Dalsland is a varied hiking trail that takes you through the entire province of Dalsland, across the flat farmland in the south and through the wild forrests and mountains in the north. Many people start at Holm Church outside Mellerud and hike the wild forrest to Edsleskog. Then you can take the Storspåret Trail (22 km) to Åmål, and the the train back to Mellerud. 

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Forsbo nature reserve

Length: 3 km
Type of trail: Loop
Forsboleden, marked with yellow markings, is a bit of a challenging trail through beautiful nature with several rest areas. A part of the trail also coincides with the Pilgrim trail via which you can make a detour to Skalåsknatten with a breathtaking view as a reward! 

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Ryr nature reserve

Length: 3 km
Type of trail: Loops & straight straigt trails
Old and very beautiful cultural landscape is framed by lake Östebosjön and Svansfjorden. You walk both on forest trails and across meadows and pastures. Partly quite steep with stairs in some places. 

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Ramslökedalen (the Valley of Ramson)

Length: 5 km
Type of trail:
From the Aqueduct in Håverud, you can hike through beautiful forests scented with ramson over pine- and oak-covered mountain ridges up through Buterud's nature reserve. Here you have a magnificent view of Lake Åklången and the Dalslands canal.

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Dr Saedén’s walk

Dals Rostock
Length: 2,7 km
Type of trail: Loop
Fresh air, nature, and culture. Together, they pave the way to a healthier life. This was the opinion of Dr Carl Viktor Saedén, chief physician at Kroppefjälls Sanatorium, who was not only a doctor but also an imaginative artist with a fascination for Swedish history. Walk along his walk and see his monuments. 

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Åsnebyn culture reserve

Length:1.1 km - 2.9 km
Type of trails:
Welcome to take a walk in the landscape at Åsnebyn. Time has almost stood still here over the last 100 years and the farm offers an exciting landscape. A couple of loop trails have been laid out in the terrain. With the help of numbered postse, you can guide yourself around the farm's grounds.

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More hiking in Dalsland

Here you will find more hiking trails, maps and information for hiking in Dalsland.