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Näsölens Fishing area

Big perch over a kilo!

A beautiful lake, surrounded by mostly forest but also agricultural landscape. The water is slightly humus colored, and quite nutritious. A lake for the "discoverer”! Not many anglers here, so peace and quiet guaranteed.

The lake is hardly visited by anglers. Mainly because there is no boat ramp those who tried fishing in the lake have reported good fishing on both pike and perch. Especially good fishing on large perch. Best way to get familiar with the lake is to rent one of the cottages, located near the lake, with access to boats.

  • Area: 340 ha
  • Including: Näsölen
  • Fish species: Perch, pike, roach, trout, bream, smelt and vendace.
  • Good fishing all year round. Also good ice fishing possibilities!
  • Trolling not allowed.
  • Only spinning rods and jigging.
  • Children under 15 fish free, but must be in the company of an adult.

You can buy your fishing license here

Team Sportia Mellerud +46(0) 530/13075
Melleruds turistbyrå /Medborgarkontoret +46(0) 530/18900

Prices for fishing permits

  • Day: 20 kr
  • Month: 50 kr
  • Year: 100 kr
  • Year/Family: 150 kr
Contact information

Näsölens Fiskevårdsområde

Kontaktman: Henrik Oscarsson

Phone: +46767673750

E-mail: ho@joab.se