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Photographer: Sofia Kvistborn

Gunnebo Slott och Trädgårdar

As close to the 18th century as you can get

Go on a guided tour of the 18th-century stately home, stroll through the gardens or visit Gunnebo Coffee House and Restaurant, which serves meals as well as coffee and cakes using mainly produce from their organic kitchen garden. Gunnebo House stays open all year round and offers visitors a broad spectra of events.

Real history here

Gunnebo House and Gardens was originally built as a summer residence for the Gothenburg merchant John Hall, and has now become a popular place to visit. It was designed as a total work of art by the Gothenburg city architect, Carl Wilhelm Carlsberg, during the 1780's. Carlsberg designed buildings as whole concepts, including the interior furnishings and gardens. There were over 200 original plans used as the basis for the comprehensive reconstruction projects that have taken place since the 1990s to restore the building and grounds to their original appearance. With the help of the drawings, the original furniture has been found and placed in the house. Today it is one of the most complete 18th-century estates in Scandinavia. Let yourself be fascinated by the history of the Hall family together with a guide.


Dine at Gunnebo Coffee House and Restaurant

The kitchen garden, which is certified as organic, is next to Gunnebo Coffee House and Restaurant. Freshly picked herbs and vegetables are taken directly from garden to plate, which can hardly be more local. Here you also find Gunnebo bakery where you can enjoy freshly baked bread and many various pastries. To dine in the unique 18th-century envrironment is truly a pleasure for all senses.

The restaurant is part of the network A taste of West Sweden. The network gathers restaurants and cafes that, in close collaboration with local producers, offer West Swedish culinary experiences based on seasonal and local ingredients.


Take a souvenir from Gunnebo House with you

When you have visited the house and gardens, have a look in the Gunnebo shop that sells local high-quality handicraft, unique food products from the house, garden tools and delicacies from the Gunnebo bakery. The shop is open all year round.

Photographer: Jonas Ingman

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