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Woman enjoying cinnamon buns and coffee

Photographer: TINA STAFREN

Food and coffee in historic settings

A cinnamon bun on a picnic blanket is all very well, but sometimes you want to drink coffee in a more luxurious setting. Skövde has several beautiful historic settings where you can eat and drink in style, surrounded by history.

KNISTAD HERRGÅRD | Knistad Herrgård traces its roots back to the 14th century. The estate was previously entirely self-sufficient thanks to its farming and forestry, livestock, brickworks, dairy, blacksmith’s workshop and power plant. Today, it is a hotel and conference centre that serves fine food in its excellent restaurant, and is surrounded by beautiful nature, walking trails and a golf course.

Address: Knistad 1, 541 92 Skövde
Tel.: +46 500-49 90 00

Photographer: Oas reklambyrå

KARSTORPS SÄTERI | Karstorps Säteri has an exciting history, and was designated a seat farm in the 19th century. It enjoys an idyllic location next to Lake Karstorp, and is surrounded by greenery during the summer. Dine in style at the organic restaurant as you drink in views of the lake.

Address: Kristallvägen 1, 541 42 Skövde
Tel.: +46 500-47 28 00

UBBATORP FARM CAFÉ | Just outside Skövde, on the edge of the village of Borgunda, you can enjoy coffee and home-baked organic treats at Ubbatorp Farm Café. On a sunny day, you can sit down in the garden and enjoy the view of Västergötland mountain plateaus. When the weather is less pleasant, you can cosy up in the beautiful summerhouse. The original 19th century environment has been lovingly recreated.

Address: Borgunda Vindäng, 521 62 Stenstorp
Tel.: +46 769909318

Photographer: Tove Ekblad

ÖSTERBERGS KONDITORI | A classic café in central Tidan. The spirit of the 1950s lives on in the furnishings and the warm welcome. The café was built in 1955 and sells a wide range of items from its own bakery, many of which are baked to traditional recipes. You can also see the history of the café on the walls. 

Address: Närlundavägen 6, 549 31 Tidan
Tel.: +46 500-47 00 47 

Photographer: Micaela Persson/Next Skövde

CECILIAS TRÄDGÅRDSCAFÉ | This gem is surrounded by the beautiful greenery of Valle. Cecilias Trädgårdscafé is located in the garden next to the church in Berg. Here, you can enjoy everything from decadent French chocolate cake with chocolate truffles, blueberry cheesecake and carrot cake with real vanilla, to filling pies and creamy soups. Cecilia’s grandmother Ingrid first inspired her to bake. A bite to eat and a coffee at Cecilia’s feels like settling down in grandma’s garden: a warm experience, with delicious treats made with love. Call for exact opening hours.

Address: Berg Tolstorp 2, 54 017 Lerdala
Tel.: +46 70–035 65 24

Photographer: Micaela Persson

PENSIONAT KLÅVASTEN | Pensionat Klåvasten can be found in a rural setting north of Skövde. Here, you can relax with nature and find out about the manor’s exciting history. The building that houses the hotel was built in the late 19th century. Food is prepared using local ingredients wherever possible.

Address: Stora Klåvasten, 541 92 Skövde
Tel.: +46 73-334 01 23