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Woman with blond hair in a green jacket are standing beside a switchboard with her phone in her hand. The switchboard is foiled with a picture of a game character from the computer game Battlerite.

Photographer: Tobias Andersson

Take a tour with Skövde Streetmuseum

Look up and look around! Skövde is full of beautiful and interesting art as well as historically important buildings, combined with a modern, growing city.

Walking tours using the free Skövde Streetmuseum app will take you on adventures with various themes, allowing you to discover the city from unexpected perspectives.



Discover a selection of Skövde city centre’s historic buildings with the ‘Kulturhistoriska Byggnader’ tour. Skövde is undergoing constant change. Find out about an 18th century cottage, the 1960s cultural centre and everything in between.

Photographer: Tobias Andersson


Do you believe that life was better before, or are you simply curious about history? The ‘Skövde Förr och Nu’ tour will take you on a nostalgic journey through the city’s history. Along the way, you will see and hear images and stories of buildings that no longer exist, bringing the past to life.

Photographer: Skövde Stadsmuseum


It’s not only the buildings and the people that make up a city. Art is an important part of creating an interesting city, and it can be found all around us. The ‘Konstvägar’ tour takes you past artworks such as Saint Elin (a sculpture of the city’s patron saint), Piglets – But a Short Time to Live (cute pink granite piglets) and Goat and Ram (in Helen’s Park, once home to small farms with livestock).

Photographer: Skövde Stadsmuseum

How does Skövde Streetmuseum work? 

  • Download the Skövde Streetmuseum app from the App Store (for iPhone users) or Google Play (for Android users).
  • Turn on your phone’s GPS function.
  • Open the app.
  • Choose a tour.
  • Start at the tour’s starting point and follow the map to the next location.
  • Once you have reached the next location, your phone will display a notification and you can read or listen to more information about your current location.