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Balthazar Science Center

Experience and explore science and technology

At Balthazar, Skövde’s Science Center, the whole family can discover and explore science and technology. You can try out different interactive stations, experiment, build, create and use your ingenuity. Regardless of age you will always find excitement at Balthazar.

Learn through playing

Balthazar, situated in the Västergötland town of Skövde, is a place where people of all ages can meet and experience science and technology and mathematics in exciting, inspiring environments. There are experimental stations in the exhibition, indoors and outdoors, where you can work together and use your creativity to solve problems.


Lots to discover

Try experimenting with mysterious powders, test your simultaneous capacity, experiment in the light room and find exciting things in the mineshaft. Balthazar's own craft workshop boosts your creativity and here you can create, invent and build.

Coffee at Balthazar Science Center

After all the exciting experiences and new lessons, it's good to get something in your stomach. The café serves homemade coffee bread and light lunches as well as smoothies, fruit, juice, coffee or tea. If you and your party would rather sit outside, you can have coffee packed in a basket and enjoy the good things outside. Do you have your own lunch bag? Then you are also welcome to sit down in the café and eat your brought food or coffee.

Photographer: TUANA FRIDEN

Contact information

Balthazar Science Center

Kavelbrovägen 2 B

54136 Skövde

Phone: +46 500 49 87 30

E-mail: balthazar@skovde.se

Website: balthazar.nu