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Photographer: Mårten Bergkvist/Next Skövde

Horns Tegelbruk
Väring, Skövde

One of Sweden’s best preserved old brickworks

Horns Tegelbruk is situated west of Axtorp Farm, just 20 minutes from Skövde. The Swedish National Heritage Board has deemed this to be one of Sweden’s best preserved old brickworks, designating it a historic monument. Very few factories of this kind remain in such good condition. Signboards around the old brickworks describe its fascinating history, and the atmospheric location is popular with photographers.

An intact historical process

The entire manufacturing process at the brickworks remains intact, from extracting the clay with an excavator through to the characteristic air furnace and ring kiln buildings with their tall chimneys. Firings began in the mid-19th century, but came to an end in 1976. Following an extensive restoration process, the first trial firing was carried out in 1995 and manufacturing is now under way once more. Horn is the only brickworks where the bricks are fired in wood-fired air furnaces.

Ceramics and brickworks museum

The brickworks also has a shop selling ceramics and a small museum where visitors can see old utility ware. The museum is always open, and you are free to wander around the brickworks area.

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Contact information

Horns Tegelbruk

Horn Axtorp 1

54196 Väring

Phone: +46 70 549 90 38

E-mail: info@hornstegelbruk.se

Website: hornstegelbruk.com/