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  • Photographer: Tove Ekblad

Nature Reserve, Nohlmarken
Skultorp, Skövde

An orchid paradise near Skövde

The perfect time to visit Nohlmarken is in the summer, when the orchids are in full bloom. This is the largest hayland in the area, with a unique wealth of flora. The plants growing here include various orchids, such as early marsh orchids, broad-leaved helleborines, fragrant orchids and twayblades. In a good year, they bloom in their thousands. Other species include bird’s-eye primroses, cotton grass, adder’s tongues and fairy flax. In all, more than 370 different species have been noted.

In the mid-1980s, Nohlmarken was seriously overgrown. Following major restoration work and annual grass-cutting carried out by the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation, the area has become one of the locations with the greatest variety of plant species in the local region. The upper, western parts feature dry and fresh meadow flora, while the moister ground further to the east is characterised by calcareous damp meadows. The area is surrounded by red ash heaps, or burnt alum shale, bearing witness to the limestone industry that was once a local feature. 

It is forbidden to pick flowers or harm plant life at Nohlmarken Nature Reserve. Immediately northwest of here is an area of tufa limestone which is a protected natural monument. 

Nohlmarken is due south of Skultorp, and can be reached from a car park on Loringavägen. A pleasant nature trail runs through the area.

Nohlmarken is south of Skultorp, which in turn is south of Skövde. It is set on an alum shale hillside. There are two springs and a small stream in the area. As a result of repeated clearing, grass-cutting and pasturage, Nohlmarken now has the richest variety of flora in the Skövde area. Today, around a dozen species of orchid can be seen during the summer, including early marsh orchids, fly orchids, fragrant orchids and marsh helleborines. In a good year, these appear in their thousands. The nature reserve is wedged between large red ash heaps (burnt alum shale), and the central area consists of rich fen. There is drier pasture up the mountainside towards Falköpingsvägen, and wet meadow down towards Loringavägen. Immediately below Falköpingsvägen is an old lime quarry with protected tufa limestone, which has been designated a natural monument.


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