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  • Photographer: Peter Nilsson

  • Photographer: Mårten Bergkvist

  • Photographer: Mårten Bergkvist

Nature Reserve Silverfallet – Karlsfors
Lerdala, Skövde

Waterfalls surrounded by beautiful nature

At Silverfallet, beautiful waterfalls plunge over the mountainside at Billingen. Together, they fall 60 metres out over the edge. Some are taller and more dramatic, while others are shorter and more peaceful. The water runs across slabs of limestone, alum shale and sandstone.

Wood anemone in bloom

Silverfallet is a particularly popular destination in the spring, when the waterfall is in full flow. Large numbers of wood anemone bloom in April and May, forming a fantastic white carpet on the wall of the waterfall. Deciduous forest thrives here, featuring calciferous flora. Alongside the wood anemone, liverwort, corydalis intermedia, lungwort and yellow anemone also flower here in the springtime.

A year-round destination

Silverfallet is well worth a visit all year round. In the spring, the waterfall is in full flow and the flowers are in bloom. Summer is the perfect time to relax in the shade with a picnic, while autumn brings nature’s warm and vibrant colours. A magical icy wonderland comes with the winter, revealing a whole new side to this area.

You can get here by bus or car, and parking – including disabled parking – is available.

Historic remains

As well as beautiful nature, you can also find historic remains here. Skaraborg’s largest alum works operated here at Karlsfors during the 19th century. Following its closure, the works were replaced by lime kilns. Traces of alum shale and limestone quarrying can be seen throughout the area, and you can also spot remains such as red ash heaps and old lime kilns. 

Use public transport!

You can get here by public transport. Take bus number 613 from Skövde towards Lerdala. From Karlsfors stop, walk around 1 km to reach the foot of the waterfall. 

Silverfallet is on Skaraborg Culture Route. Discover more sights along Skaraborg Culture Route by downloading the app from Google Play or the AppStore.


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