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Welcome to Kungälv, Marstrand, Stenungsund, Tjörn & Orust!

Kungälv & Marstrand

In the far west, where the archipelago ends and the open sea begins, you find the island of Marstrand. The sailing town and seaside resort is a favourite with visitors. It is home to a harbour filled with all kinds of boats, cosy homes along car-free streets, top restaurants and take-away spots, sun and salty swims, music and spectacle. On Marstrand, visitors can find both lively nightlife and quiet tranquillity depending on where they choose to go. The regional city of Kungälv is a blend of rich history and modern city life. As a visitor, you will find traces as far back as the Bronze Age. The mightiest sight these days, is Bohus Fortress, established by the Norwegians in the 14th
century. A walk along the cobble stones between the old wooden houses of Västra gatan is enough to make one feel the tide of history. At the other end of Västra gatan, the modern part of Kungälv begins, with great shopping in both charming small boutiques and larger chains, cafés and restaurants. Within walking distance, one also finds the biscuit factory Göteborgs Kex.



Stenungsund is uniquely situated, with ocean views on one side and one of Sweden’s largest wilderness areas on the other side. Its seaside shopping allows for a simple pause for ice cream along the jetty overlooking the marina. The view from Stenungsund’s city centre includes Stenungsön – in the past, this was the playground of the rich townspeople who built beautiful seaside villas that remain today.

Whether you’re into sailing or just want to experience a real street party, Stenungsund is the obvious choice in the middle of August, when one of the world’s largest innerarchipelago sailing races ”Tjörn Runt by Cowi” is held. The race can be watched from nearby cliffs and skerries. Svartedalen’s nature recreational area offers excellent spots to fish, pick berries and mushroom, and great hiking trails.



Listen to the sweet sounds from the intimate stage by Slussen, watch the island’s many elaborate boats, enjoy lamb, mussels and freshly baked goods from local producers. Orust attracts all the senses, in a landscape that changes
with the seasons.

Orust has fantastic music stages and is the place to be in summer if you want to listen to the most well-known Swedish artists or local talents performing in beautiful settings. Orust Day (Orustdagen) in June is a free concert with performances by both famous and local artists. Orust also takes food seriously, and local produce is becoming increasingly prominent. Farm-gate shops and stores sell locally produced honey, lamb, mussels, freshly baked bread, organic vegetables and meat products. You will meet passionate producers who enjoy sharing their knowledge and stories, making you feel extra welcome. Visiting Orust is notonly compulsory in summer, when it is a true paradise for swimming, sun-bathing, sailing, golfing or kayaking. At Easter time, artists open up their studios to visitors, boat convention Öppna Varv is held at the end of August, before the autumn’s harvest
feasts and lobster safaris. If you want to visit islands teeming with life but not car traffic, Käringön and Gullholmen are two obvious choices that can be enjoyed all year round.



Herring Day, Wooden Boats Festival, Frivolt children and youth festival, Around Tjörn sailing race and Tjörn Triathlon are some of the annual events. There is a lot to do for the whole family, all year round, with a focus on nature, art and culture. 2016 is the ”Year of Dancing” on Tjörn!

Apart from the obvious proximity to salty ocean swims, boating and the pleasant guest marinas, there is much to enjoy on the island of Tjörn. To experience nature up close, one can get around by bike, on foot or why not in a kayak? Here, you will find attractions rooted in solid history with traces from human settlements up to 9000 years old. Rock carvings and stone circles from the Iron Age are some examples of historical imprints.
Skärhamn is Tjörn’s largest town and a suitable spot for some shopping. Historically, it has centred around shipping and fishing. Winding, narrow streets take you through the dense seaside township, past the white wooden houses that climbs up towards the church, to Hamneberget and down towards the guest marina where you can eat well at restaurants and cafés. Rönnäng is a small community that is also home to the island’s highest situated lookout point Tjörnehuvud. From here, you get breathtaking views of the ocean’s horizon and towards the car free islands.