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Photographer: Katja Ragnstam

Walk round Dyrön
Dyrön, Tjörn

5 km, hard

This 5 kilometre boardwalk around the island of Dyrön is a wonderful way to experience the lovely coastal scenery in Bohuslän. The view over Marstrand’s fjord, with Carlsten’s Fortress in the background, Pater Noster lighthouse and neighbouring island Åstol to the west is as captivating as the view of Risön, Hättan and Hake fjord to the east.

Quick facts

Length: 5 km

Timing: approx. 1.5 hours

Difficulty: hard

Terrain: steep paths, boardwalks and steps


Beautiful views in every direction

Anyone choosing to visit picturesque Dyrön can look forward to getting a real feel of the archipelago landscapes. The Dyröleden Trail can be challenging in parts, as despite its small size, the island boasts a hilly, rocky terrain. But it’s also thanks to the island not being particularly large that the coastline makes itself known all the time. The views of Marstrand’s fjord in particular are quite breathtaking.

On the east side of the island you can make a slight detour up to the Grinneberget viewpoint, where you’ll find a barbecue area on the spot where an anti-aircraft gun stood during the war. There’s also a nice picnic area right next to it. On the island’s east side there’s another lookout point at Åsen, with a table and benches to rest tired legs and feet. The shipping routes to Wallhamn and Stenungsund pass just south of Dyrön, so the chances of seeing a large ship pass by just a few hundred metres from you are high.

Photographer: White Elk, Södra Bohuslän Turism

Ravines, mouflon sheep and wild flowers

One of the most spectacular locations on the Dyröleden Trail is Dynes Ravine, a narrow cleft between two high cliffs. At the bottom of the ravine there’s a wooden deck with a table and benches, just perfect for a ‘fika’ stop, and you’ll get a lovely view of the neighbouring island of Åstol from there. During your hike you might be lucky enough to come across the wild mouflon sheep that roam free on the island, among the leafy wooded areas and the rocky hill tops. Plant lovers will be interested to know that many rare species are found here. On the west side of the island you’ll spot the remains of a Stone Age settlement and a Bronze Age cairn.

Award winning sauna

If you fancy a dip we recommend the sandy beach by the south harbour, where you also have the opportunity to combine a dip with a sauna. Just ten metres from the sea on Dyrön’s southernmost tip is the island’s sauna, which was chosen as Sweden’s best electric sauna a few years ago, largely thanks to its sheltered position and lovely view of the rocks and sea. The sauna is run by a local association and can be booked all year round. If you are hungry or want a snack the small but well stocked ICA Dyröboden shop, with a café serving lunches, is open all year round.

Read more on Dyrön’s website.

Photographer: Katja Ragnstam

Fact about the trail


The trail is approximately 7 kilometres long, including all detours. If you decide to just stick to the main path around the island it’s approx. 5 kilometres.

Approximate times:

It takes around one hour thirty minutes to walk the Dyröleden Trail (excluding stops).


The Dyröleden: The 6 entrances to the walk are clearly marked with signs. Along the trail half metre high posts with a yellow top, and emergency posts, show you the way. The emergency posts are there for your safety. Should an accident happen on your walk ring 112, say that you are on the Dyröleden Trail, and give the number on the post nearest to you, so that emergency services know exactly where you are and can get help to you more quickly. Along the trail there are also information boards with a picture of that spot and its history.

The Blue path: A newer addition to the Dyröleden is the 3 kilometre long Blue path, crossing the top of the island between the North and South harbours. The path is marked with signs and blue posts.  

Level of difficulty:

The trail is classed as hard, and goes through hilly terrain, but there are ladders, boardwalk paths and rails to help you negotiate the hardest parts. You will however need to be fit and wear footwear suitable for hill walking. The rocks as well as the wooden walkways, if they are wet, can be slippery.

Photographer: Anders Jonsson

Start and end:

There are 6 entrances/exits to the walk, each one marked clearly with wooden signs. Each entrance also has a map of the Dyröleden Trail and instructions on how to get the map on your mobile. In both the north and south harbours, where the ferries from Rönnäng and Rökan land, it’s clearly marked where to start your walk.

Dyrön South: To get here take the ferry from Rökan just outside Marstrand in the borough of  Kungälv. The ferry takes 25 minutes and goes all year round. If you want to travel on public transport it’s easiest to take the train to Ytterby, where you’ll change to the Marstrand Express bus, a journey of approximately an hour from Gothenburg. The Marstrand Express also operates as a direct bus from Gothenburg several times a day. If you decide to drive to Rökan it takes around 40 minutes from Gothenburg. It is signposted Rökan Bryggan and there is parking by the ferry landing.

Dyrön North: To get here take the ferry that goes all year round from Rönnäng on Tjörn, approx. 10-20 minutes. It’s easy to get there both by car or bus. To drive from Gothenburg will take around 1 hour. There’s parking by Rönnäng’s ice rink in the Stansvik industrial area, which is a 15 minute walk from the ferry landing. From Stenungsund’s station to Rönnäng’s jetty take the  Tjörn Express bus, approx. 1 hour. The Tjörn Express also operates as a direct bus from Gothenburg several times a day.

How to get here:

Dyrön is off the coast of Tjörn in South Bohuslän, and can easily be reached by boat all year round. You can either take the ferry from Rönnäng’s jetty on Tjörn to Dyrön’s north harbour, or the ferry from Rökan outside Marstrand to the south harbour, which is most easily reached by public transport direct from Gothenburg.


You’ll find a digital map of the trail on Google maps. There is no printed paper map of the trail.

Contact information

Dyröns Samhällsförening

Grinneberget 12

47143 Dyrön

Phone: +46 304 601016

Website: dyron.se