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Explore the west coast by boat

It’s easy to get out to the thousands of islands in the Bohuslän archipelago with the help of local ferry and boat companies. You’ll find tips here on how to find your own favourite spot on the west coast – from the Kosterhavet sea in the north, to Gothenburg’s archipelago in the south.

Visit an island in the archipelago – get there easily on public transport

Holidaying in the archipelago is something special. Here are 9 islands to visit.

Explore the archipelago

Take a trip with one of the myriad boats plying the west coast. It’s the perfect way to discover Bohuslän’s archipelago. Spend a salt sprayed day among the rocks and islands, and stay the night at one of the many hotels and hostels to be found.

Island hopping

The journey starts on dry land! Start planning your next island hopping trip now. Below you’ll find tips on two tours packed with exciting experiences in the Gothenburg archipelago.

Plan your trip

A number of different boat companies operate along the coast of Bohuslän. We’ve gathered them all here with the information you need to be able to plan your trip, such as where and when the boats leave, if you need to pre-book your route and whether you can take your bike on board.