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Dyrön hiking trail

Amazing views of the West Sea

Dyröleden is a beautiful, moderately challenging 5-km walking trail around Dyrön island, in the municipality of Tjörn. Shorter sections are available as an option. Amazing views of the West Sea, Mouflon sheep, rare plants, various rock types etc

The walking trail is a total of five kilometres long, but shorter sections are available as an option. There are six entry/exit points along the trail, each marked with clear wooden signs. There are maps of the Dyröleden trail at each entry. It’s a good idea to take a photo of the map for easier orientation during your walk. The map can also be downloaded at www.dyron.se by clicking on the map.

It is easy to follow the trail as it is marked with yellow posts at regular intervals. There are rest stops with benches and tables along the trail – bring a picnic! The rest stops are marked on the map. There are also information boards at interesting sites along the way.

The trail runs along mountainous terrain, but there are steps, footbridges and rails in in the more difficult sections. Strong legs and sturdy shoes are necessary. Rocky sections and wet wooden footbridges can be slippery.

The view towards the Pater Noster lighthouse and the islands of Åstol, Marstrand, Klädesholmen and Risön-Hättan is breath-taking. If you’re lucky, you’ll come across a herd of Mouflon sheep, walking freely on the island. There are many rare plants and several types of rock along the Dyröleden trail. Large ships on their way to or from Wallhamn or Stenungsund pass only 100 metres from the shores of the island’s southern parts.

For your safety, several emergency posts are placed along the trail. In an emergency, call 112 and give the location ”Dyröleden trail” and the number of the nearest post. That way emergency services know exactly where you are and can help you quicker.

A couple of side tracks take walkers to the outlooks at Grinneberget on the eastern side and Åsen on the western side. If you walk to Grinneberget, you must return via the same path. At the top, there is a barbecue and a large table and benches seating 24 people. If you walk to Åsen, the path continues on the other side and reconnects with the trail. Åsen also has benches and tables.

Another side track runs through Dynes ravine. You can walk through the ravine and reconnect to the Dyröleden on the other side. Do NOT miss Dynes ravine – it is the most incredible part of the trail. It also has a rest stop with table and benches.

At the far south end of the trail, you will pass Dyrön’s sauna.

Contact information

Dyröns Samhällsförening

Grinneberget 12

47143 Dyrön

E-mail: Send e-mail

Website: dyron.se/