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Photographer: Anders Jonsson

Gullholmen and Härmanö

Sweden's most densely populated archipelago island

Gullholmen has a genuine archipelago setting, complete with sailing, swimming and fishing. Close by Gullholmen's concentration of buildings and life, Härmanö has beautiful countryside with a mixture of meadows, pasture land and rocks.

Friendly archipelago atmosphere

It only takes about ten minutes to reach Gullholmen by ferry from Tuvesvik, on Orust. One part of the town is on a small island that is known as Sweden's most densely populated, a veritable beehive of summer cottages and all year round houses. There is a lovely, friendly atmosphere among the small alleys that meander among old fishing cottages and boathouses. There are a few restaurants and cafés in the harbour area where you can eat good food and enjoy the lively setting of the pleasure boats.

One of Bohuslän’s largest nature reserves

The other half of the town is on Härmanö, one of Bohuslän’s largest nature reserves. Half-hour’s walk south on Härmanö brings you to a recreational setting with heaths, flowering meadows and pasture land surrounded by clean cut forest areas and swimming coves.

The island is a real paradise for bird watchers and there are many different footpaths, easy and challenging, where you can really enjoy the calm surroundings.

Photographer: Maria Gunvaldsson, Södra Bohuslän Turism

Discover the heritage of the past

As well as the cosy island atmosphere, lovely paths and rocky coves, there is a whole range of attractions for history and culture enthusiasts. Gullholmen's beautiful church, from the late 18th century, is protected from the winds in a valley on Härmanö. Skepparhuset was built in 1893 and takes you into another era; the well-preserved Stenstugan is full of old furniture and household items from the same period. Take the opportunity to visit Gullholmen's art museum and see the colourful paintings of the island that are typical for that time period.

Fishing community and sail makers

Gullholmen is one of the oldest Bohuslän fishing communities, probably dating back to the 13th century. The great herring epoch of the 18th and 19th centuries saw the community expand with canning factories, salting-houses and sail-makers abounding. Sailing cutters started to be used for fishing and cargo, which transformed Gullholmen into a lively shipping and fishing town. Much of the old character of the island is still preserved, with its boathouses, piers and busy guest harbour. Up until 1999 Gullholmen was a “kronoholme”. This meant that the land was owned by the state and was free to build on, which brought about the intense building that has come to characterize the island.

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