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Photographer: Tim Kristensson

Gunnars Båtturer

Ferry tours in Bohuslän archipelago

Spend some quality time in the beautiful, rugged archipelago in Bohuslän with Gunnars Båtturer. Travel safely and comfortably on board the three ferries, with crew who really know their way around the islands. Just say the word, and Gunnars Båtturer will serve you with wonderful seafood during the voyage.

Boat and harbour at Gunnars båtturer.

Tours around Marstrand

Come with Gunnars Båtturer out to the archipelago around Marstrand. Sit on the sun deck and breathe in the fresh sea air - or snuggle inside the warm lounge and admire the sea outside! The ferries take you between Marstrand and Åstol, Dyrön and Tjörn.

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Gunnars Båtturer & Charter

Fiskeviksvägen 4

47143 Dyrön

Phone: +46 768 78 98 53

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