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Photographer: Anders Jonsson, Södra Bohuslän Turism

Kajaktiv Tjörn

Kayaking in Bohuslän’s beautiful archipelago

Paddling a kayak on the Swedish west coast is wonderful. Put the kayak in at Kajaktiv’s jetty in Bleket at Tjörn – and you are instantly in Sweden’s finest paddling waters. Here you can rent a kayak and paddle yourself, book a guided tour or a course.

Guided kayak tours

Kajaktiv offers guided kayak tours where the guides show you their favourite spots, with a focus on nature and camaraderie. The tours are adapted to suit all kayakers. In addition to sea-kayak tours, guided trips with fishing-kayaks are also on offer. Why not bring along your friends or colleagues and book a private tour!


Kayak rental

At Kajaktiv you can rent kayaks, SUPs (stand-up paddle boards) and fishing-kayaks. The kayaks are comfortable and stable and all guests are familiarised with the equipment before the trip. You will also get help to plan your trip with regard to weather, wind and experience. Perhaps a trip to the rugged landscape at Pater Noster or the famous islands of Åstol and Klädesholmen? You can find your own special place here amongst some of the thousand islands that the Bohuslän coast has to offer.

Kayaking courses

Everyone can paddle a kayak, but with a few hints and tips your kayaking will be safer and more fun. Kajaktiv offers courses for beginners but also for those with more experience who want to develop their paddling skills.


Kayak sales

You can buy kayaks and equipment here from Prijon, Hiko, Red paddle, Feelfree etc. And of course it is fine to try out the kayaks before you buy so that you are sure of your choice.
Welcome to Kajaktiv and experience the archipelago from a mind-expanding cockpit perspective!

Contact information

Kajaktiv Tjörn AB

Bleketvägen 42

471 50 Bleket

Phone: +46 722 06 07 67

E-mail: info@kajaktivtjorn.se

Website: kajaktivtjorn.se