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Magasinet på Härön

A culinary pearl concentrating on fish and seafood

Welcome to this culinary pearl of a restaurant, with a wide range of fish and seafood. Härön’s former oats store from 1847 has been renovated into one of West Sweden's most atmospheric restaurants and meeting places.

First-class fish and seafood dishes

Magasinet Härön offers high-quality fish and seafood dishes at all price levels. Enjoy a prawn sandwich, blue mussel soup or a classic "Bohus menu" on the lovely pier.

Much more than just good food

After enjoying a great meal at Magasinet, take a long walk on this pedestrian-only island. From the highest point in the south, on a clear day you can see the characteristic silhouette of Carlstens Fortress on Marstrand and the lighthouse called Trubaduren.

Contact information

Magasinet Härön


47190 Kyrkesund

Phone: +46 760 18 53 33

E-mail: info@magasinetharon.se

Website: magasinetharon.se/