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Photographer: Södra Bohuslän Turism

Mareblå & Havsguiderna

Unique and coastal experiences

With extensive experience in events and activities in coastal environments, Mareblå & Havsguiderna provides unique boat excursions. Join them on a boat adventure with Brandskärsbåtar, boats built on Orust. The boats can accommodate up to 12 people and are equipped with life jackets for everyone on board

Excursion tour

Here, you have the opportunity for various discoveries both in the beautifully rugged outer archipelago and the more lush inner archipelago. The boat tour passes the wonderful Gullholmen with its densely built houses and boathouses. You also have the chance to see the legendary Käringön while receiving some information on what you see. The tour then takes you to Måseskärs lighthouse, and if the weather permits, you may have the opportunity to climb up the lighthouse. The tour continues towards the cliffs where the seals usually reside, and perhaps you'll feel tempted to take a swim with the seals. On the way back, there will be a coffee break with "fika" and socializing in a boathouse on the sea.


Fishing Trip

Join us on a fishing trip at sea, prepare your fishing rod, and enjoy 3 hours on the water. The fishing trips depend on weather and season, and if possible, you may also have the chance to pull up some crab pots. Fishing rods and equipment are available for rent.




Måseskär Lighthouse

At a suitable location, you will be picked up by the boat that takes you on a trip to the beautiful Måseskär, passing by the scenic Käringön. Upon arrival at Måseskär Island, you have the opportunity to climb up the lighthouse, where you will hear some history about the lighthouse and life on Måseskär. If weather permits, the tour also passes through a well-known seal area along the way. There is an option to extend the time with additional stops or destinations if desired.

The tour lasts approximately 3 hours and should be booked in advance.



Boathouse Tour

On this tour, there is also the possibility of being picked up at a desired location. The tour takes you slowly towards the boathouse while the captain provides some commentary on what you see along the way. There is also an opportunity to have a nice swim by the boathouse. The tour also passes by the wonderful Gullholmen, which is considered Sweden's most densely populated community, filled with picturesque wooden houses. There is an option to customize the tour according to your preferences. The tour lasts approximately 3 hours and should be booked in advance.


Essential Details

Brandskärsbåten can accommodate up to 12 people, with a minimum of 6 people required for the tour to proceed. Life jackets and rain gear are provided for loan on all tours.

For current schedules and tours, please visit Mareblå & Havsguiderna's website. Departures from the steamboat jetty in the guest harbor of Ellös.



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