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Orust Shellfish

Bohuslän shellfish farming and activities

Orust Shellfish produce and cultivate shellfish in Bohuslän, among other things. They have aquaculture farms in the fjord system around Orust and Lysekil which produce mussels and oysters. You can take a boat out to the farms to collect and taste these delicacies. Trips are arranged by Lysekils Ostron & Musslor (oysters and mussels).

Photographer: Jonas Ingman

Oyster and mussel adventure

Orust Shellfish work together with Lysekils Ostron & Musslor and provide professional information about seafood, aquaculture installations and oyster diving. This special cooperation means that you can join a real oyster and mussel adventure, where you pick and taste high quality seafood. 

Contact information

Orust Shellfish AB

Ängåsvägen 1

47231 Svanesund

Phone: +46 706 73 17 31

E-mail: info@orustshellfish.se

Website: orustshellfish.se