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Sea Trout Fishing in Southern Bohuslän

Unique Sea Trout Fishing on the West Coast!

Don't miss the sea trout season in Bohuslän, one of the world's best fishing grounds. From April 1st to September 30th, sea trout fishing is allowed. The fjords around Kungälv, Stenungsund, Tjörn, and Orust offer many great fishing spots to explore. For an extraordinary experience, we recommend hiring a fishing guide and even opting for a complete package that includes accommodation and a guide.

In Bohuslän, it's permissible to fish for sea trout in the sea from April 1st to September 30th, and the minimum size for salmon and sea trout is 45 cm. Fish below the minimum size must be promptly released. The region has several protected areas, and it's the responsibility of each individual angler to determine the rules applicable to the specific fishing area. The County Administrative Board (Länsstyrelsen) has published a brochure outlining the fishing regulations in the sea of Västra Götaland County.


Fishing Regulations in Sweden

Fishing Techniques

Common spinning technique at depths of 1/2-4 meters over 'spotted' bottoms, i.e., sandy bottoms with scattered seaweed patches. Fast and jerky reeling with sudden stops. Suitable lures include slim spoon lures, such as the Viking Herring, Toby-style lures, or spinners. Recommended equipment includes a 7-9 foot rod with a casting weight of 5-20 grams, a reel with 100 meters of line (0.20-0.25), and you can also try using a dropper fly about 30 cm in front of the lure. The best time for sea trout fishing is in spring, with May being the peak month.

Fly Fishing
Sea trout can also be caught using fly fishing techniques. During spring fishing, attractor flies in bold colors, such as the Mickey Finn, are often used. It's a good idea to have a few shrimp and nymph imitations as well. Suitable fly fishing gear includes a 9-10 foot fly rod, class 6-7, and 75-100 meters of backing. The leader should be 0.18 - 0.20.


Important Considerations!

What's especially important to note is that fishing is regulated, and it's best to familiarize yourself with the rules before starting your fishing activity:

  • Fishing is prohibited between the last day of September and the last day of March, and there are also several protected areas to take into consideration beyond these dates.
  • Of course, you can keep a fresh, healthy sea trout for a meal, but it must be at least 45 cm long. A maximum of 2 fish per angler per day is allowed.
  • Remember not to keep more fish than you can consume in your household, and handle the catch you intend to release as gently as possible. A successful fishing day can yield many sea trouts, and it's important to think long-term and do your best to maintain the excellent fishing conditions.


Photographer: Jonas Nordigards


Fishing for Sea Trout with a Guide

With a fishing guide, you increase your chances of choosing the most favorable location according to current weather conditions. The guides have excellent local knowledge and are familiar with all the great spots. Fishing can be done from the shore or a boat.


These fishing experts are situated in Bohuslän and offers guided fishing trips, including sea trout fishing. Around Tjörn, Stenungsund, Tjörn, and Kungälv, there are numerous potential fishing spots selected based on factors like weather, temperature, and wind.

Go Sea Trout fishing with Jonas Nordigårds, a true fishing expert! Use of fishing equipment is included, fishing from a boat, pedal kayaks, or from the shore.
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Buy fishing equipment and Get valuable fishing tips

You can get fishing tips at Björns Fiske & Jakt in Stenungsund, where you can also purchase flies, lures, fishing gear, and more.


Fishing Spots for Sea Trout Fishing around Kungälv, Tjörn, Stenungsund, and Orust

Southern Stenungsön, the northern side of Krossefjorden, the northern Askerö islands, Galtarön, Dagholmarna, Boxviks kile, Stocken, Malö strömmar, Slussen, Bö Kile, Säby kile, Vadholmen, Lökebergs Kile, and Nordön.

The choice of location depends on the weather, wind, temperature, etc. Fishing with a guide who is familiar with the area can increase the chances of selecting the most favorable spot for the day.


Suggested Fishing Spots around Stenungsund



Find the perfect accommodation for your fishing trip

Combine your fishing trip with staying at a lovely location and explore both the sea and land in Bohuslän.

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